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Good omen: release date, photos, first look, plot details and more



The end of the world is near (it's coming next Saturday), but it gets hilarious.

This is how Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman saw it when they first released Good Omens, a story about the apocalypse and the angel and the demon who want to stop it. Twenty-nine years later, Good Omens gets a six-part television miniseries written by Gaiman, directed by Sherlock and Doctor Who, who marvel at Douglas Mackinnon.

Wait, Good Omens is actually made?

Yes! Long talking between Gaiman and Pratchett, an adaptation in (perhaps fittingly) production was purgatory for a long time. Since at least 2000 various names have been appended, including Terry Gilliam, Johnny Depp and Robin ($ 249 at Amazon.com) Williams.

When Pratchett died of Alzheimer's disease in 2015, Gaiman said he would not make an adaptation without his good friend. But he changed his mind after receiving a posthumous letter from Pratchett asking Gaiman to do it without him, and now here we are.

That's good news, but … what's a good omen?

Oh, of course. I do not forget everyone bought in his life three editions of good omen.

Good Omens is about the coming apocalypse, written by fantasy visionaries and real friends Gaiman and Pratchett. It was first published in 1990. Gaiman conceived an idea about the Antichrist accidentally exchanged in a hospital at birth, wrote 5,000 words and then put it on the back burner as his Sandman Graphic Novel series began.

He sent his Antichrist design to Pratchett for feedback and a year later Pratchett called him.

"That was the next thing I would ever do to Michelangelo to ask if I wanted to paint a cover with him," Gaiman told the BBC 2014

And so did two of the most famous fantasy writers of the Earth together to write a comedy about an unfortunate baby exchange and the coming apocalypse. It tells of an angel, Aziraphale, and a demon, Crowley, both of whom have found Earth as a pretty suitable place to live. With the end time approaching (the world will end next Saturday after dinner), Aziraphale and Crowley will realize that their enjoyable earthly lives are in danger. The Last Judgment is coming and good or evil shall prevail – unless they can prevent it.

With the demise of the world comes an outrageous cast of characters, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Famine writes books on diet); a witch who prophesied the end of the world in the 17th century and her descendants; a monastery of nuns; the Antichrist and his group of childhood friends, and, of course, a soundtrack, supported by the vocal lines of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

It's pretty much the end of the world party.

Release Date and First Look

Good Omens is currently scheduled to release "2019" as a six-hour episode. It will be premiered on Amazon Prime Video and will also be available on BBC, if traditional broadcasts are more your thing.

We know that the filming was completed in March 2018 and that post production is scheduled for completion in October . Gaiman hinted before the series could fall in February, and this timeline seems to be relatively in line with the rest of the production plan. I would not put it in your diary yet, but there's a good chance we'll see it in February.

On July 20, Amazon Prime Video gave us a first glimpse into the world of Good Omens (19659004) It just gives us a taste of what's to come and what makes the love of the cast a novel. There is an obvious passion and excitement about bringing this world to life, which we hope will only be a good omen of what is to come. We also got a super short view of Comic-Con last month.

Meet the cast of angels and demons

David Tennant takes on the role of Demons Crowley, draped from head to toe in black and always in sunglasses, no matter what the weather. He will team up with Sheen, who plays the angel Aziraphale, a picture of perfect washing in his dashing lights. Fans of the book have praised this inspired casting, and director Douglas Mackinnon told EW at Comic-Con 2018 that the chemistry between the two is "a mix you can not believe" and "Butch and Sundance and Thelma and Louise" all together. "

Josie Lawrence plays Agnes Nutter, the witch who has predicted the end of the world, and Adria Arjona will play anathema device, Nutter's last offspring, and she will play a big role in bringing the apocalypse.

The forces of hell find their fearless leader in Beelzebub, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, while on the other side of the fence after death, Jon Hamm takes his place as a charismatic, pretty angel named Gabriel, who calls Hamm "a thing of beauty , and a joy forever "in an early still sentence.

He's damn right.

Us also know that Frances McDormand will play God and Ariana Grande proves to be Theoretically Correct, while Nick Offerman is the father of (Non-) Antichrist Warlock Dowling. The series will also feature Michael McKean and Miranda Richardson.

Production Details

Gaiman's work has received book-to-film treatment previously with Stardust and Coraline. He was also responsible for writing the English translation of Studio Ghibli's masterpiece Princess Mononoke and highly acclaimed episodes of Doctor Who. Last year, his American myth Road Trip novel American Gods got its own TV adaptation and worked closely with showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

But Good Omens is different. Gaiman serves as a writer and for the first time as a showrunner, and he's trying to do something his dear friend Terry Pratchett would have enjoyed.

Scottish director Douglas Mackinnon, whose films include Sherlock and Doctor Who, directs all six episodes and is led by Narrativia, the production company of Pratchett's daughter Rhianna Pratchett and Gaiman's The Blank Corporation, connecting with the BBC and Amazon.


Conceptual art from the Good Omens featurette.

Prime video

Details of the plot

Gaiman was Vocal about the fact that he and Pratchett had been discussing ways to expand the original story in 1991. The two had often talked about a sequel and what they would like in an adaptation – and it seems that there will be many additions to the enjoyment for the fans. The content never made it a sequel, but it still started in Gaiman's head.

"One of the things [Terry and I] that was talked about was the idea of ​​our Heaven, the idea of ​​our hell, how they were set up – all these things …" Gaiman told EW at the Comic-Con 2018. 19659004] Some aspects of the novel are omitted, though we are not sure what exactly that means. However, we already know some of the new content that Gaiman wants to deliver. For example, the angel Gabriel, one of the messengers of God, is mentioned only casually in the novel, but will play a bigger role in the series.

The story itself works through to creation itself (which, of course, is only 6,000 years ago), but it's easy to forget that the novel was written in the 1980s, a time when it was at "present day" Putting cassettes in our cars did not spend every waking minute our neck on our phones. Certain cosmetic changes will undoubtedly be necessary.

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