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Google gives you a free pixel reading and a pair of USB C earphones with The Pixel 3 – Review Geek

Google now offers a free Pixel Stand and an extra pair of earplugs when you buy a Pixel 3. That's $ 109 and a great opportunity for those who missed Google's Black Friday rebates.

Pixel 3 in your hands. The popular Android device, which was initially considered too expensive (we are talking about $ 799), has seen some wild discounts and packages in anticipation of the holidays. Currently, Google offers a free pixel reading and an additional pair of earphones when you order the pixel in the Google Store. It's not a discount for the phone itself, but it's a great deal if you're already planning to buy the Pixel Stand or a few more earphones with your Pixel phone.

Again, this is $ 1

09, but it can not be everyone's wallet. The Pixel Stand is really the best part of this package. It is a unique device that allows wireless charging of 10W (fairly fast). It also has some built-in Google Assistant features (such as photo slideshow and smart home compatibility) when paired with a Pixel phone. You could say that your Pixel 3 becomes a temporary Google Home Hub. Of course, a free pixel booth only makes sense if you're a fan of the wireless store or the Google Assistant. It is also worth noting that the Pixel Stand is currently the only way to enable a fast 3 / XL pixel wireless charging.

Google's choice to connect an extra pair of USB C earphones to the Pixel 3 can not be music for anyone. First of all, it's about an extra pair of earbuds – a duplicate of the earbuds that are already supplied with Pixel 3. Granted, they're a pretty pair of earphones that offer Google Assistant compatibility, hands-free notifications and real-time linguistic translations, but most users who own just a pair of these earphones will probably never use those features. A free pair of USB-C headphones is, of course, a free pair of USB-C headphones. Phones no longer have headphone jacks, so every pair of modern earphones is highly appreciated.

If you die out for this package, you should go to the Google Store action page and click on the special offer. The pixel level and the additional earphones are displayed in the checkout after you have added your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL shopping cart. Keep in mind that this package is likely to disappear soon, and it could be the last major discount that Google offers for its smartphone products.

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