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Google Keep Notes: 10 tips and tricks to become a master

Google Keep Notes may be Google's most underrated service. It is more than just a place where you can write down your thoughts. It's also the missing link to bring together documents, calendars, photos, and the rest of Google's services. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you tap into the power of Google Keep Notes:

Create voice memos

While most users use Google Keep Notes to create quick notes for themselves, they can express their thoughts even faster with your voice. In the bottom menu of the main screen, you can tap the microphone icon to send your note to Google Keep. Everything that you say will be both recorded and transcribed. Even if Google's dictation engine skips a word, you still have a record of it.

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Transcribe text from a photo

Audio is not the only thing that Google Keep Notes can transcribe – if you import a photo with words, Keep Notes can capture that text on the photo to open it, and then tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner and select Capture caption . Return to your note and see the words that appear on the image below

Draw (or uncheck) your photos

Transcribe text You can not just edit a photo in Google Keep Notes, you can also to your heart's content mark, color and draw on it n or just capture a picture and select the brush icon to go to the markup screen. There you can select your pen style and annotate the image without affecting the original file. And if you just want to scribble on a note, you can do so by selecting the brush icon in the main menu.

 Draw notes IDG

Notes scribble, scribble and mark with Easy usage of Google Keep Notes.

Syncing with Google Docs on Your PC

If you've emailed the text of a note so you can use it in a document or presentation, save time: Google Keep Notes is fully integrated with Google's Office suite. And it could not be easier to sync them. If you have a file open in Docs or Slides, just tap the Keep logo in the sidebar to the right to see a list of your saved notes. Tap one to open it and you can copy, cut or edit everything in it. Of course, any changes you make are synced back to notes on your phone. If you just want to create a Google Doc from a note, hold down the mouse button and select Copy to Google Docs .

Work with a Friend or Colleague

Google Keep notes are probably for your eyes only, but it's also easy to invite others to collaborate. First you have to activate the sharing in the settings in the sidebar. In a note, just tap the three-point menu at the bottom of the screen and select Collaborator . From there, you can select any person from your address book to associate your note with their Google Keep app. Each time you edit, you will be notified (and vice versa).

 Let Google work together notes IDG

You can invite an employee to your notes as long as you enable sharing in preferences.

Download the Chrome Extension

While you can sign in to any Google Keep Notes browser to get the job done, you can only use it like a digital locker with the Chrome extension. Download it from the Chrome Web Store. Next to your address bar, you'll see a small retention icon with a direct link to your account. While browsing or working in Chrome, you can save URLs, photos and text and take notes of course.

Organize your notes with captions, colors, and pins.

If you take a lot With many notes, your Google Keep launch screen can quickly become as overloaded as your inbox. But just like with Gmail, you can easily organize it. If you press a note for a long time, you will see a number of options that will help you find it later, including the ability to color-tag it, put it at the top of the list, or apply a custom label.

 Keep Google Sticky Notes IDG

Color coding and labels help keep your notes organized.

Setting a time or location reminder for a note

Google has a special reminder app called Tasks. However, if you do not want another app on your phone, you can set notifications for your notes to make them look like reminders. Just tap the bell icon when you're in a note, and you can set a reminder for a specific date and time, or place, such as a phone book. For example, if you want to remember to pick up milk at the grocery store.

] Restoring a deleted note

OK, this is not a hidden feature, but you may not have noticed it yet. If you accidentally delete a note or find that you need something in it, you can restore it from the Recycle Bin within seven days of deleting it. If you are not sure if you need a note later, but still want to remove it from the splash screen, you can simply use the archive feature instead of deleting it. This removes the notes from your library and stores them in the archive folder, which can be accessed in the sidebar. If you want to create a note from an email, you can either copy the text and paste it into an email new note, or Use the handy shortcut in Gmail on the web. This is how it works: After opening an e-mail in the right sidebar, click the "Keep notes" icon. Then click the Create note button and your email will appear as an attachment in your new note. Enter a name and select Done when finished. Then you can jump directly to your e-mail address with a tap.

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