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Google Maps makes it easier to get to your destination


Use this new Google Maps feature for every part of your journey.

Angela Lang / CNET

Your morning commute is super frustrating ̵

1; you ride your bike to the bus, get off at your stop and then pick up an Uber as you run after it. The challenge is to plan everything to get you to your destination on time. Fortunately, Google Maps can now help you connect your various means of transport – including cycling and rides – to create accurate and useful transit instructions for your trips.

This Google Maps feature shows you routes that have been customized for travel with an estimated ETA. For example, if you cover part of the way to work by bike, you will see routes for cyclists and options for the rest of your journey. Each part of your trip is included in your total travel time so you can see when you reach your destination.

The new route calculation feature is available for Android and iPhone. ($ 1,000 on Amazon) and will be introduced in the coming weeks, Google said. How to use it.


. 1 Open your Google Maps app.

2. Search for your destination.

3. Tap directions .

4. Tap the Transit tab.

5. From here, you can view itineraries and directions with public transport, carpools, and bicycle options. Choose the best option to get to where you are on time.

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