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Google Pixel 3 Tips and Tricks

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are phones with hidden depths. In this guide, you will find a step-by-step guide for you to customize your new phones, find the best shortcuts, and find the most interesting features.

We will be offering some features exclusively for the pixel row and some that will work on any Android 9.0 Pie phone. Before we dive in, Pixel 3 XL owners may want to see how to hide the score. Without further ado, here are our top tips for Pixel 3.

How to Customize Your Home Screen

Tap and hold an open area of ​​your Home screen to open a pop-up menu. Widgets and Wallpapers – we recommend the Living Universe section in Wallpapers where Google offers some fantastic animated wallpapers. Some of the other categories offer an option Daily wallpaper that changes your wallpaper every day.

You can also find Home settings where you can decide if you want a notification of whether new app icons should be added to the home screen, set At a Glance information like calendar events at the top of the screen and more fixed.

To select Quick Settings, switch between

9659004] Drag the notification screen down with two fingers and tap the small pencil icon at the bottom right to edit the displayed quick settings. You can simply tap and drag icons to add or remove them and select your preferred location.

How to Use Nightlight

Since blue light can complicate falling asleep, most cell phone manufacturers now offer a blue light filter that can be scheduled to pedal near bedtime. On your Pixel 3, navigate to Settings> Display> Nightlight and tap Schedule, . There you can set it to turn on when you want to automatically adjust the sunrise or sunset

You can also do this as part of your Wind Down bedtime routine in Settings> Digital Wellbeing .

How to Free up Disk Space [19659004] With 64GB of space in the base model and no room for a Micro SD card, you may find that your Pixel 3 or 3 XL runs out of space. Aside from uninstalling apps you do not need, you should also go to Settings> Storage and tap Free up space .

Another way to free up space is to back up photos and video to Google Photos, where you can back up everything to its original quality for free. Once all the data is backed up, tap the small hamburger menu in the upper-left corner of Google Photos, and then tap Settings> Share storage space for devices .

To let google assistant view your calls

If you suspect it's spam – or you just do not want to – just tap screen call and google assistant will work for you Reply and say, "Hello, the person you're calling uses a Google screening service and gets a copy of that conversation, just say your name, and why are you calling."

You'll see what's on your pixel 3 screen is transcribed in real time. You can choose to reply, send a quick response, or create a report spam

How to use the split screen

To use the split screen, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view the multitasking screen Open view with recently used apps. Tap the app icon at the top of any of your apps wants to be open. Then select Share Screen and select the second app you want to open. You can drag the bar in the middle to resize and then drag it all the way up or down when you're using one of the applications in full-screen mode.

How to Configure the Ambient Display

We recommend that you turn on Ambient Display so that you can see new notifications and other information on the screen of your Pixel 3, even if it is locked, but you should configure it , Since battery life is not the best, we do not recommend starting the battery all the time. Go to Settings> Display> Advanced> Environment Display and make sure that the mode is Always Off but New Notifications is enabled. We also touched . Double tap to check the telephone and lift to check the telephone but you might find one of these options sufficient.

How to Start the Camera [19659022] Pixel 3 Power Button "/>
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

You can simply tap the power button twice to quickly launch the camera app at any time even if your Pixel 3 is locked, it's a handy shortcut, if you want to capture a spontaneous moment and speed, it's important. You can use this feature in Settings> System> Gestures> Jump to Camera .

How to Use the Camera Test Volume Keys

You can use the volume keys on your Pixel 3 to take pictures or enlarge them when you configure them. Open the Camera app and swipe over More> Settings then tap on Gestures and choose your preference.

You can also set the double tapping on the screen in the Camera app here: Zoom in or Shift

How to Quickly Change to the Front Camera with One Hand

Sometimes you will intervene in the perfect group selfie position and realize that the main camera is turned on instead of the front camera. Do not worry, just twirl your wrist twice and it should switch to the forward facing camera. This should be enabled by default, but you can find the option in Settings> System> Gestures> Mirror Camera .

If you have not already done so, check out the main settings change your brand new Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL.

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