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Google Routines Make Life In Your Smart Home Easier – Check Geek

Google Home mini smart speaker with built-in Google assistant
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When you have a device that supports the Google Assistant, like a brand new Pixel 4a or Nest Hub, and one of the 50,000+ smart home devices it̵

7;s compatible with, you’ve got access to a powerful feature that gives you that Can make life a little easier: Google routines.

Routines trigger helpful actions, e.g. For example, you can switch the lights on automatically when you come home from work, play your favorite music or podcasts when you work out, or call up the relevant information of the day when you wake up. Routines can even be integrated into popular apps (like Netflix or YouTube) and smart devices (like smart lights).

What types of google routines are there?

You have two options here: pre-built routines and custom routines. Ready-made routines cover common scenarios and are great when you first wake up, go to bed, and drive to work (or vice versa). If you need a routine for a different situation, or if the pre-made options don’t provide all of the exact actions you need, choose a custom one. Either way, you need to install the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device to access and manage the feature.

Depending on which pre-made routine you choose, your assistant can perform actions such as: For example, you can mute your phone, turn the lights on or off, give you location-based reminders, adjust your smart thermostat, and resume playing an audiobook or playlist you heard earlier. Once your routine is in place, all you have to do is pronounce the command set like “Hey Google, good morning” to trigger it.

Google Home app with options for the Google routine
Suzanne Humphries

How to set up a google routine

Setting up a pre-made routine is easy. Just open the Google Home app, tap Routines, then tap Manage Routines. Under the “Done” option, select the desired routine and the corresponding actions that you want to set up.

Setting up a custom routine isn’t much more difficult, but it does require a few additional steps. Open the Google Home app, tap Routines, then tap Add Routine. From here, it’s up to you to fill in the details about when to run your routine, what the command phrase is, and what happens when you trigger it.

Scheduling a custom routine is also possible and only requires one additional step. When setting up for the first time, simply specify the day and time the routine should run and the days it should be repeated.

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