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Grab Hulu & Showtime with Spotify Premium for just $ 5 / month «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Media subscriptions are the trend these days. Between Netflix, Apple Music, HBO Now and countless other options, TV, film and music have never been so good. Unfortunately, all of these decisions weigh your wallet hard. So, if there's an opportunity to catch not only Spotify, but Hulu and SHOWTIME, all for just over $ 5 a month, how can you refuse?

Well, as it turns out, the plan can not be exploited by anyone. The sad fact is that you are not qualified for this discounted package unless you are a registered student. It is a smart move for Spotify, as he can not afford to give the bundle a cheap spot, but still gives the impression that he is ready to give people who already have a tight budget the opportunity to do so Living outside of school to enjoy books and exams.

The deal is even sweeter for college students. Spotify is offering a promotion through December 31

, 2018, which will allow you to receive the first three months of Spotify Premium for students with Hulu Limited Commercials and SHOWTIME for only $ 0.99 per month plus tax. Then it would be $ 4.99 per month plus taxes. The deal only applies to those who have never tried Spotify Premium.

How to qualify for Spotify Premium for students

How rigorous is this service? To qualify for Spotify's Spotify Reward Plan, which normally costs $ 4.99 a month, you must be:

For those who are already part of Spotify Premium for Students, you can easily switch to this package plan. If you have already subscribed to Hulu Limited Commercials, you can also switch to this package. Your current Hulu subscription, however, is valid until the end of the billing cycle. The same applies to subscriptions with the SHOWTIME app. Later more.

If you do not meet any of these three requirements, you must choose either the $ 9.99 premium plan (which does not offer Hulu or SHOWTIME access) or the default Spotify Free option. 19659005] What information do you need to register?

When you first join Spotify Premium for students with Hulu and SHOWTIME, you'll need to provide your name, email address, birth date, and payment details – the name of the valid educational institution. Other documents may be required to prove your qualification. Then Spotify will use SheerID, Inc. to verify your information.

What happens when you complete your studies?

Spotify is not stupid – it knows you will not be a student forever. Anyone who overstrains his greeting will be rejected. Participants must recheck their accounts every 12 months. If you no longer qualify for this service, when it's time to reconsider, you're out of luck.

If you attend a four-year college with this offer and then attend school, you have won I can not get the deal for every five or six years. With Spotify you can only use this discounted price for four activation periods.

If you've used Spotify Premium's two student activation periods (two years) for students and then leave school, you can still sign up for the discounted service. You will not receive an additional four discounted periods, but two more who will pick up where you left off.

Spotify is not clear when these re-verification tests will take place, but they will most likely be logged in at the time of this year. You have signed up for Spotify Premium for Students. If so, you should sign up shortly before your school's graduation date, or if you know your school will terminate the enrollment. That way, Spotify authorizes your account while you're still a student, and you'll be able to use the service in about a year.

Can you see Hulu & Showtime on the Spotify app?

No. You'll need to download each app one at a time and then log in using the same credentials as for Spotify.

If you've already subscribed to Showtime or Hulu

Who wants to lose their watch lists for so much money?

Current Hulu subscribers can easily transfer their account to Spotify Premium for students. Your Hulu plans must be the base class ($ 7.99 / month, Limited Commercials), with no Hulu add-ons and payments to Hulu directly and not through a third party. Simply use your current Hulu credentials when you enable Hulu through the Spotify Services settings.

Unfortunately, current SHOWTIME users can not immediately transfer their accounts to Spotify Premium for Students. Spotify recommends that you simply cancel billing and wait for the remainder of the current billing cycle to expire. You can then try activation again with your SHOWTIME credentials using the Spotify Services settings.

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