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Grab this Roku Wireless Speaker for $ 149 – Review Geek

If you want to take the sound of your Roku TV to the next level, you need a suitable set of speakers. But why bother with old-fashioned speakers when the Roku wireless speaker is available for $ 149?

The wireless Roku speakers work exclusively with the Roku TV and are not an ordinary pair of wireless speakers. They are easy to set up, can be wall mounted and look amazing.

Of course, the wireless Roku speakers have excellent sound quality. Silent, dialogue-intense scenes sound clear and sharp, and you'll be able to feel the violent bass of your favorite song or movie.

Supplied with a Roku TV voice remote control and a Roku Touch desktop remote control, these speakers can use voice commands to change playlists and movies from your couch or kitchen. These remotes usually cost $ 30, and their inclusion makes this offer even sweeter.

Roku wireless speakers usually cost $ 200, but Roku currently offers them for $ 1

49. They are bundled with TV remotes worth $ 60, which is just the icing on the cake. Do not wait too long for this deal because it's gone before you know it.

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