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Guidance for aligning PowerPoint objects using policies

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If you have multiple images on one slide, you can orient your objects horizontally and vertically for a more professional look. There are guides and gridlines that allow you to manually align objects, and there are options to automatically align objects for you. Let's see how it's done.

Manually aligning objects

In this example, there are three objects on the slide. Point to the first object and drag it up or down. Once the object is centered horizontally or vertically, a policy is displayed.

  Show Drawn Object Policy

You can also use guides and gridlines to help align your objects. On the View tab, click Guides. Then two dashed lines appear – one to the horizontal center of the slide and one aligned to the vertical center.

  Turn On Guides

You can also turn on gridlines that allow you to align the object elsewhere on your slide. On the View tab, click Gridlines. Additional dotted lines appear to help align your objects. You can drag your objects and align them using the gridlines.

  Enable gridlines

In this example, we've moved each of the three objects up to align them using the topmost horizontal gridline:


Auto align objects

Let's take a look to automatically align objects. First, select all the objects you want to align. If this consists of all the objects on your slide, you can select everything with CTRL + A. To select specific objects, click on the first object to select it. Shift-click other objects to select them one at a time. In this example, we selected three images, and we want to align all images both horizontally and vertically.

  Selecting multiple objects

On the Format tab, click the Align button. As you can see, here you have commands to align the slides horizontally (the top group), vertically (the second group), and distribute them (making them evenly spaced). Here we align our selected object vertically along its center.

  Align objects vertically along their center

Aligns all selected objects vertically. Now we want to make sure they are evenly spaced. If all three objects are still selected, return to this menu and choose the Distribute Horizontally command.

  Distribute objects horizontally

Here is the final result, where all images are aligned both horizontally and vertically.

  now aligned and distributed objects

And that's all that goes with it!

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