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Hands-on with Magic Leap's avatar chat, virtual remote meetings arrived in AR «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

Unlike virtual reality, Augmented Reality is not so much about losing yourself in a fantasy environment as doing things in the real world. While a number of games have been released that encourage imagination on devices such as the Magic Leap One and the HoloLens, practical applications are more likely to be practical.

That's right, we have two apps on the above devices that directly target the idea of ​​using AR rather than playing. In this case, this work involves communication.

The Magic Leap avatar chat published by L.E.A.P. Published in partnership with Twilio a few weeks ago, it enables two Magic Leap One users to communicate in real-time from remote locations using simplified avatars. On the other hand, New York-based startup Spatial has just launched its own remote communication solution for HoloLens from Microsoft, which differs "a lot" but still serves the same general purpose.

Since so many of the non-gaming AR apps Because it's so enterprise-oriented, the release of these two AR communications applications provides a unique opportunity to compare the effectiveness of the two competing high-end AR devices in a similar task ,

What follows is by no means a detailed discussion of these apps, but once I've tested both apps and put them to the acid test, I can give you a glimpse of which one is right for you if you're into the world of AR-based Want to explore remote meetings. This is the first part focused on Magic Leap, the second part focuses on HoloLens.

Avatar Chat

Avatar Chat is the one you probably heard about most of. The free app quickly downloads to your Magic Leap One and is quite easy to set up. As with many traditional social media accounts, you can choose a username (if not already assigned) and write a description that may include your email address and the name of your website.

Virtual Touch

On the positive side of virtual contact, Niles also helped me test the High-5 Fist features so you can virtually touch another user (each action leads to a virtual fireworks or flamingos). We also tried emoji sharing, which was cute, but nothing that I think I would use a lot (and I'm a bit of an emoji fanatic, but I was not thrilled with that feature).

In this session, we did everything we could to jointly watch a YouTube video about the Helio app and share photos with the Gallery app. (To share content with another user, you must first accept another user's cast or initiate it yourself and wait for the cast to be accepted.)

Image of Adario Strange / Next Reality

I've also tested the capabilities of the handheld system. I use my real hands to make certain gestures, and have my chat partner mirror these gestures in their avatar form to confirm that my gestures have been correctly interpreted through my avatar form on their page. It is a powerful demonstration of what is possible with this system.

Overall, the app for one-to-one communication is impressive. However, here are some shortcomings of the app.

The fact that the app currently allows only one conversation between two persons limits its effectiveness as a true collaboration tool if your team consists of more than two people (the first demo video showed us three people chatting.

I also tested the capabilities of the hand-recording system, used my real hands to make certain gestures, and had my chat partner reflect those gestures in their avatar form as confirmation that my gestures were over My avatar form has been interpreted correctly on their page.

I have been assured that the next update will feature a three-person feature on the app, and a four-person update that will be released soon after Users may also be able to customize their avatars to resemble their real self.

Apart from visual interactions, I was really surprised at the app how crystal clear the audio was. Niles' voice (who came from Florida to New York City) sounded much better than any cell phone call I've made in recent years, and even a bit better than most Skype calls.

A peculiarity of the app was the avatar tracking. Although my avatar looked like it would normally have stayed in place, I found that I often had to ask my chat partner to position themselves in a certain way to have a true "Face to Virtual Face" experience This could partly be due to the fact that I only used a very small amount of memory to initiate the AR chat. Still, I did not have this issue with most other Magic Leap apps (except, of course, for space-demanding apps like Dr. Grordbort's Invaders).


Finally, one of the best features of The Magic Leap One, the ability to record videos and immediately share them on YouTube or Twitter, had a problem in this case.

Before, all my videos were recorded and sent on YouTube no problem, but since this video was about 30 minutes long and I wanted to share it, the system said the file was too big. Most meetings take at least 30 minutes, so this limit could be a problem for anyone who wants to save and review an important meeting.

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