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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: How to Play the Magic Game Available in Nearly 150 Countries


Wands ready

Screenshot Clifford Colby / CNET

Are you ready to join forces with other witches and wizards to fight dark forces, defeat magical beasts, rescue Harry Potter and his friends, brew potions, and get to the bottom of calamity, an unexplained event? that distributes magic items over the Muggles? Well. Here's how to start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the mobile game that is now available for download in almost 1

50 countries for Android and iPhone by the creator of the popular Pokemon Go.

The Mobile Harry Potter: Wizards Unite The AR game is a combined effort by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic under the label Portkey Games. His family tree shows. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is building on Pokemon Go and Ingress, also run by Niantic, to provide combat situations and diverse venues such as inns, greenhouses and forts. Now available all over the world – in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia – the game cost $ 300,000 on the first day of release .

It has a strong history that drives the game: As a member of the "Statute of Secrecy" task force, your job is to stem chaotic magic and turn the Spell and Muggle / No-Maj worlds upside down , It also loses some of the more frustrating parts of Pokemon Go, such as: B. Gym Battles.

And although it's similar to the popular Pokemon Go, it's fine if you've never played this game because Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite really feels like a new game and not like one Pokemon Go with new skin color. In fact, we think, Harry Potter: Wizards Unit beats Pokemon Go in every way .

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Niantic Labs and WB Games

Ready to play? To start Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Set up Wizards Unite on your phone.

Enter your birth date first and sign in with your Facebook or Google credentials. Give the game permission to use your GPS and access the location of your device.

Then fill out the volunteer registration form and select a codename if you have not reserved your Niantic agent or trainer name. Finally, you'll be on your way through the tutorial, which will give you a glimpse into the story of the disaster and guide you through dealing with a magical person or item that drives the chaotic magic from its location to yours ,

Note: The game comes with assets. Depending on the connection, the download may take some time. If you have a restrictive data plan, download everything over Wi-Fi.

Tapping the wizard icon at the bottom left of the screen will allow you to view your ministerial ID, change your name, and select your Hogwarts house and wand (by registering it). Do not worry too much about choosing your home and wand – you can change them later and your choice will not affect the gameplay. (And if you do not want to vote, you can sort into a house instead of choosing one.) You can also create your portrait and customize your look.

What's on the map?

The map of the game feels familiar when you've played Pokemon Go or Ingress: it displays your real geographic location using your phone's GPS and is littered with elements and textures that interact with you through the phone screen.

  harrypotterwizardsunite-map "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/dzmWoRjI-D8pt4yVx-p5zzTfBP0=/270x0/2019/06/20/98e25e1e -a2cd-4433-9141-48016c8f87e7 / harrypotterwizardsunite-map.png

A potion ingredient and inns near the bottom, greenhouses in the center and a fortress Next Back.

Screenshot of Clifford Colby / CNET

Items include ingredients that you can use to make potions. Some are common and others are rare. So if you are a collector, you need to manage your inventory so it does not get crowded. It does not take much time to exceed the limit on items you can store. So either buy more storage space or trim the items.

The items found may vary depending on the weather and time of day. You can check the current conditions by tapping the weather icon in the top right corner.

The buildings include Inns where you collect food to restore your magic energy. Greenhouses where you can collect potion ingredients and gain energy to cast spells. and Fortresses which require a runestone to enter, and work with up to four other players to eliminate magical creatures and Death Eaters.

You can set up in Inn's dunk detectors, which behave like bait in Pokemon Go to attract Foundables.

The map also shows magical traces of misfortune. These tracks, which look a bit like a floating medallion, point to repressed items from other parts of the wizarding world and come in pairs: a foundable – like Harry Potter – and a confoundable – a Dementor attacking Harry. (Part of your job is to discard the confoundable to get it back to its correct location and timing.)

To discard a confoundable, align the two star sets on the screen to focus on your target to concentrate, and then speak a spell.

What about spells?

  Harrypotterwizardsunite-Spell "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/1BEt3Y5rDeeZByKB8IouPiFgy4I=/270x0/2019/06/20/d4a3bd57-3bb5-4175 -8cdd-1f8325e409b0 / harrypotterwizardsunite-spell.png

Follow a spell on your phone screen to make it appear.

Screenshot of Clifford Colby / CNET

Spells play a big role in the game. You will spend a lot of time casting spells to overwhelm or dismiss the confusing magic you encounter, and to bring the found object back to the right place. You will also cast spells to collect food in an inn if you are fighting an enemy in a stronghold and encountering dark wizards on the map.

To make an impact, follow the hint displayed on your screen with your finger. The screen moves are no different than the glyphs tracked in Ingress and can be a bit difficult to learn and master as they reward you for your tracking speed and accuracy. The game may be a bit deliberate, and if your track is not accurate enough, the game will tell you that your spell is incomplete and you need to recast. You can cast offensive as well as defensive spells.

Creation and use of potions

  Harrypotterwizardsunite potions "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/qf91_AxpWSEaWmc0Z0oxmpJFQWk=/270x0/2019/ 06 / 20 / 18fed512-8588-4abd-a376-d5a8da860919 / harrypotterwizardsunite-Potions.png

Brew potions from ingredients you've collected. [1965900] Screenshot by Clifford Colby / CNET

Walking around on the map, you come across potion-making ingredients. Some ingredients are found only in certain biomes, others occur only in different weather conditions. Potion materials can also be found in greenhouses.

Potions offer various benefits, such as healing during a fight. Once you've collected enough ingredients, you can start brewing potions. Tap on potions in your suitcase – at the bottom of the screen where the game keeps the collected items – to get to your potions bench and start brewing.

What you need to know about portkeys

  Harrypotterwizardsunite portkey "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/8IkSjCuJfjh62GdInrxnLPYpboM=/270x0/201/ 06/20 / eb864a7e-b3c1-45f0-a2bc-a5b8fdb73220 / harrypotterwizardsunite-portkey.png [19659046[harrypotterwizardsunite-portkey"height="0"width="270

After collecting a portkey, go around like one Egg in Pokemon Go.

Screenshot of Clifford Colby / CNET

With a portkey you can travel to another room. To get a portkey, look for a triangular box called the Portkey Portmanteau on the map and collect it. These behave like eggs in Pokemon Go, which in this game to monster creatures hatch. Go a certain distance (2, 5 or 10 kilometers) to unlock the portkey. In this way, you can travel to another AR environment within the game to complete a task and earn magical items. Once you're done, return to your starting point.

How can you develop and get a job?

You rise by dismissing confoundable elements, completing challenges, and completing tasks. Once you reach Level 6, you can select a profession and become a trained Auror Magician or Professor presented in the Harry Potter books.

  harrypotterwizardsunite-profession "height =" 0 "width =" 270 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/5xn6SA5qeypm0sOT4CpYuLpafDU=/270x0/2019/06/20/cf581441-49a0-4370 -877d-3c82861045d6 / harrypotterwizardsunite-profession.png

When you reach level 6, you can choose a profession in your suitcase.

] Screenshot by Clifford Colby / CNET

Each profession has its own role in the Game and Skill Tree. You progress in your chosen profession and can unlock your skills by earning tokens and mastering challenges through encounters.

Aurors focus on the fight and can defend themselves well against the dark arts. Magicianologists handle magic beasts and support teammates. Professors strike a balance between Auror and Magizoololgist professions and are solid in supporting fights and teammates.

You can also reach ranks in certain areas by capturing magical creatures, dealing with mysterious artifacts, discovering wonders of the wizarding world, and much more.

What about currency?

Similar to Niantic's Ingress and Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was designed to play without paying or hitting the walls for microtransactions. However, you can buy supplies by spending the gold you earn by gambling or by paying real money. You can also buy more space to store items you have collected. If you are a collector, you will reach the limit fairly quickly in the game.

Originally published on June 20th.

Updates: June 21, 2019: Edited for clarity; June 23: Add more countries; June 24: Edited for clarity.

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