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have YouTube TV? You could get Showtime for free – Review Geek

If you're a "longtime friend" of YouTube TV, you may have free access to Showtime. That's what friends are for – messing up each other's streaming accounts.

YouTube TV apparently wants to apologize for the recent price increase. The cable-like streaming service distributes the free Showtime silent and quietly to all "friends" who get stuck despite increased subscription fees. If you qualify, you will have free access to Showtime until the 5th of September.

YouTube TV has not yet clarified what makes someone a "longtime friend" membership option. Once the offer is activated, you will have free Showtime access via YouTube TV until September 5th. It's worth noting that we have not been able to enable this under our account (which has been active for a long time), so it may become slowly available to users.

Well, this is not a free trial for which your account requires credit card info. Once September 5th is over, your Showtime access (if you're lucky enough to get it) simply disappears in the ether. No automatic renewal, no tricks, just a few months showtime for free.

If you do not see the Showtime listing in your YouTube TV settings, try again later. There is a chance that you were a bad friend, but there is also the possibility that Google may insert the offer into your account later.

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