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Here’s how to turn off all the sensors on your Android phone with one tap

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Your phone is the most personal device you own. It is almost always with you and can hear, see and feel everything you do. But what if you want to turn these sensors off before going to a sensitive meeting, for example?

While Android offers quick toggles to turn off location tracking and cellular connectivity, there isn̵

7;t a direct option to turn off the rest of your phone’s sensors like your camera or microphone. Fortunately, Android has a hidden setting that allows you to turn off all of your phone’s sensors with a single touch of a button. Here’s how to use it.

Note that this option is just Available for phones with Android 10 or higher.

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To do this, you must first activate the developer options, a number of additional tools that Google bundles mainly for Android app manufacturers. You don’t have to worry as it is totally legal and it won’t void your phone’s warranty. In its documentation, Google also mentions that this feature not only helps developers, but also gives users the ability to control the sensors in their device.

To enable Developer Options, launch the Settings app on your Android phone, scroll to the bottom of the menu and open the About Phone section.

On Android, tap About phone settings

Find an option called “Build Number”. Samsung Galaxy owners can find the option in the Software Information section. Tap it repeatedly until your smartphone asks you for your lock screen PIN, pattern, or password.

Enable developer options on Android

Enter your PIN, pattern or password and you will receive a toast message that says “You are now a developer!”

Access Developer Options on Android

Return to the main Settings page and navigate to System> Developer Options. Samsung owners can find Developer Options at the bottom of the Settings menu.

Enter developer options for Android

Scroll down until you find “Quick Settings Developer Tiles” and tap the button.

Visit developer options for quick settings on Android

Activate the “Sensors off” switch.

Enable Sensors Off Tile for quick settings on Android

If you now pull down the notification shadow on your phone from the top of the screen, a new tile called “Sensors off” will appear in the “Quick Settings” taskbar.

Sensors Off quick settings tile on Android

By default, Android adds “Sensors Off” as the first tile in the “Quick Settings” grid. In case you don’t want that, you can move it by rearranging the control panel.

When you turn on Sensors Off, your phone turns off most sensors, including cameras, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, and more. If an app such as your handset’s built-in camera client tries to access one of these components, it will either return an error or refuse to work.

The rest of your smartphone, including the Wi-Fi and cellular network, will continue to function normally. Therefore, the “sensors off” option can be useful for certain scenarios or if you are just looking for a more private mobile experience. With the quick setting you can turn it back on with a tap of your finger.

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