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Here's how you can watch the World Series with or without cable

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Adam Glanzman / Contributor

The 2018 World Series is about to hit the Boston Red Sox against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The games all live on Fox, but that's far from the only way to watch. Whether you're a hardcore baseball fan or just looking occasionally to see who's at the top, there are many ways to watch the show, whether online, cable or not, and we've listed them all here for you.

Using an HD antenna

  Mohu Blade HD Antenna Review
Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

If you do not want to subscribe to either pay-TV service or streaming TV service, you can use an antenna to Seeing the game, assuming you live in an area where you can get Fox over the air. If you live near your local Fox partner, you should be able to handle most indoor antennas, and we have a list of some of the best you can buy. If you are further away from your partner, you may need to pull out the big rifles. The Mohu Striker, for example, has a range of up to 75 miles but must be mounted either outdoors or in the attic.

Using a live TV streaming service

No cable subscriber and do not want to Annoy an antenna just to watch the game? Good news: you do not have to. There are many live TV streaming services that allow you to watch the game, possibly for free as long as they offer your local Fox affiliate.

Sling TV could be your best bet if you are looking to watch the game on the cheap, but make sure it carries your local channels. PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now and Hulu with live TV will also work. If you have sports nuts all year round, especially if you like football, FuboTV is another great option that offers many local channels across the country. Some of these services, including PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now, also function as a TV Everywhere provider, which means you can watch the games on Fox Sports Go, with the streaming service logging in as your TV service provider.

Finally there is YouTube TV. This service gets its own special reputation as it airs the coverage of Fox's World Series, whether or not it leads your local affiliates, which means that this is the best bet if you do not transfer your local channels Anyone Getting The Methods Listed Above

One thing to keep in mind is that most of these streaming services have a free trial period where you can see at least most of the remaining games in the series for free. You may have to jump between two of them as the series goes through the full seven games, but that can help you figure out which streaming service is best for you – in addition to your free baseball fix.

With a Cable Subscription

If you are a traditional pay-TV subscriber, whether by cable or satellite, you have many options. Sure, you can only watch the games live on Fox or DVR and watch them in your spare time, but that's just the beginning, as you can see with your subscription.

In addition to Fox, the games are also shown. You can watch Fox Sports Go through the website or the various apps. Apps are available for iOS and Android, and streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku are supported as well as smart TVs on the Android TV platform. You can also watch on your Xbox One game console.

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