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Here’s how you control who can comment on your Instagram posts

Limited comments on Instagram
Shubham Agarwal

Publishing your Instagram profile is key to reaching a wider audience. However, the comment areas of your posts are also exposed to spam. Fortunately, Instagram̵

7;s privacy policy allows you to have the best of both worlds and choose who can comment on your posts. Here’s how to use it.

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device. Go to the Profile tab by tapping the thumbnail of your viewing picture in the lower right corner.

Visit the Profile tab in the Instagram app

Pull out the side menu by tapping the hamburger button in the top right corner, then navigate to Settings> Privacy.

Menu settings for the Instagram app profile

Go to the Comments menu.

Visit the comment control menu on the Instagram app

Here you can use the first option “Allow comments from” to specify which group of people is allowed to leave a comment on your photos and videos.

Decide who can comment on your Instagram posts

If you have a public profile, this setting is configured to Everyone by default. You can change it to only get comments from the people you follow, your followers, or both.

Visit the

Alternatively, you can block people individually from commenting on your posts. To do this, tap in the settings under “Comments” on “Block comments from”.

Prevent certain users from commenting on your Instagram posts

In the text box at the top of the screen, find the person’s Instagram handle. If it shows up in the results, click the blue “Block” button next to its entry. You can add as many Instagram profiles as you want to this list.

Block a user from commenting on your Instagram posts

If you’d like to undo that decision later, just come back to this page and tap the “Unlock” button next to the user you want to unlock from commenting.

It’s worth noting that Instagram doesn’t notify the person you blocked. You can still make new comments on your posts. However, these comments are only visible to you – not even to you.

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If you want to keep reading the comments from these blocked users, you can use Instagram’s restriction feature instead.

When you restrict someone on Instagram, their comments will be visible to you and the person themselves. However, Instagram hides them by default and shows a restricted user comment as a “Restricted Comment” under your posts. You can read it by tapping on the “View Comment” option or remove it completely with the adjacent “Delete” button.

Limit comments on the Instagram app

To restrict an Instagram account, visit the person’s profile, then tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

Open the three-dot profile menu in the Instagram app

Select “Restrict” from the list.

Limit a user to Instagram app

If you are still being harassed by someone on Instagram, the last thing you can do is block the user or switch to a private profile.

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