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Highlight text and iMessages with bold subject lines on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The subject line is an important part of an email, but is rarely used in text. This is mainly because many people do not even know that this is possible, and even if so, why should they use it? As with emails, subject lines can make iMessages and SMS appear more important and professional. In addition, they can help organize and search messages in the past and format text in bold.

When you send a long iMessage or SMS text, a subject line can help the recipient do the rest. When you publish a flood of news, including occasional short headlines, you and the recipient can better organize things. Also, anyone in the conversation can search the thread for the topic and jump right to what they need. And if you want to do it with your colleagues very professional a subject line can do this for you when you discuss work. Most importantly, you can use it to create bold text!

No matter what you want to achieve with this feature, we'll show you how to add subject lines to text and iMessages in the News app on your iPhone. and a breakdown on how to remove it if you are not satisfied or angry.

Step 1
: Enable subject line

You can not enable subject fields directly in the Messages app. Open the settings. Tap "Messages" to display the options, and then enable the "Show Subject Field" setting in SMS / MMS . However, just because it is in the SMS / MMS section does not mean that it is not compatible with iMessage because it is fully compatible.

Step 2: Add subject lines in conversations

Back to the News app see a new "subject" field directly above the regular text box in All Conversation threads. Anything you write in this subject field will be bolded in your messages and in the messages of the person who receives your text. Bold text is probably the main reason for this. However, you can make text bold and change fonts on third-party keyboards if you want.

Note, however, that the entire message should be bolded. If you only use the subject field for the message instead of the iMessage or text message field, the subject will behave like a normal message and nothing will be printed in bold.

Below are two examples, one of which shows what it looks like at the end of an iMessage thread and in an SMS thread. As you can see, both subject lines are indeed in bold. The number of characters in the subject line does not seem to be limited. So you can make it as short or as long as you want.

Below are some screenshots, such as the subject line of an iPhone an iPhone (left) and an Android phone (right) of a recipient looks like.

The subject line appears only in the Messages application if it is on on your iPhone. This means that the subject line will not appear in notifications, in Spotlight search, and so on. On Android, the recipient's Inbox page may bold the entire message, which often means it has not been read.

Step 3: Remove the subject line in the News app

The subject line in Messages is not for everyone. Even if you leave the subject field blank, it can quickly get annoying if you do not use it frequently. Fortunately, removing the function is as easy as enabling it. Go to the Settings app, tap Messages and deselect Show subject field (so it's not green).

Messages that you have already sent with bold subject lines in your threads will still be displayed after disabling the feature. You can only bold mod subject lines when you turn them back on.

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Cover photo and screenshots of Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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