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Houdini Malware targets your bank account

A new variant of Houdini malware is making its rounds. A combination of phishing tactics and link clicks attempts to install and delete bank account information through keylogging. As always, be careful when retrieving emails "from your bank".

The Houdini worm itself is not new and technically it is RAT, not a worm. Recently, the Cofense Phishing Defense Center has identified a new way to steal online banking cards. The attackers converted the original code from a Visual Basic setup to Javascript and launched a phishing campaign earlier this month.

Target persons receive an e-mail allegedly from their bank with the instruction to click on a link to complete a financial transaction. Clicking the link will download malware that includes a keylogger, an email credential viewer, and a browser credential viewer. Even these parts of the software are unoriginal and come from a different location. The goal here is maximum damage with minimal effort.

Once the malware is on your system, it will try to steal your bank login information and forward it to the attackers. These in turn use your credentials to make fraudulent purchases.

Here is the age-old advice of being careful about what you do in emails. If your bank ever sends you an e-mail with a message or a problem, do not click on the links in the e-mail. Instead, open a browser and navigate directly to your bank's website. Or call your bank.

No bank (or realistically any institution) will send you an e-mail asking for information that you already know. Unfortunately, you will receive email notifications about recent transactions as well as links to websites. Avoid clicking on these links and manually navigate to your bank's website. [ZDNet]

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In other news:

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Diamonds are the best friend of a scientist. Scientists believe that dark matter accounts for a large part of the mass of the universe, and one would think it would be trivial to find them. The problem is that dark matter does not give off any light or energy. For this and other reasons, scientists could not directly observe dark matter.

At best, we have theories that it exists because … well, that kind of thing must exist. We can observe the rotation of galaxies and they do not seem to behave as we would expect. The stars at the edge of a galaxy turn much faster than expected, and the only reason we can imagine that is a lot of invisible matter causing this rotation.

Now scientists want to build a new detector with super-cold crystals to find dark matter. They plan to lower the temperature of the crystals to near absolute zero (-273.1

5 ° C or -459.67 ° F). The hope is to discover sound waves when a dark matter hits an atomic nucleus or an electron in the diamond. The carbon atomic structure of diamonds makes them the perfect choice for the experiment.

We only ask that all parties do not play word games related to ice and diamonds. Batman and Robin ruined them forever, thank you. [ScienceNews]

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