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House of Cards last season: how to look, news throws, rumors

  Netflix House of Cards

Claire Underwood is in control.


"It's my turn," Claire Underwood said in the fifth season finale of the acclaimed Netflix show House of Cards. And after actor Kevin Spacey has disappeared from the show over sexual harassment and sexual harassment, actress Robin Wright is also on the line.

How will the show copy Spacey's president Frank Underwood without a final farewell scene, provided Netflix does not use him any footage that Spacey filmed before leaving? Can a figure as big as Frank "FU" Underwood die off the hook or just disappear? This is a show where everyone has secrets and both Claire and Frank can murder ex-lovers in no time, so who knows?

"You'll find out if you're watching the show in regards to Frank," Cindy Holland, Netflix's vice president of original programming, said Deadline

The fifth season ended with Claire already president, since Frank stepped back in the season finale. They both had done much to get her there-she had murdered her lover, the novelist Tom Yates, when his book manuscript exposed the dirty machinations of the Underwoods. And Frank murdered both Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes in the first season, pushing Secretary of State Catherine Durant down a flight of stairs, apparently killed by Haran in a car accident, ruining numerous other lives in numerous other ways, with Claire always at his side, or at least lurking nearby.

But as Claire rose in power, the gang between the evil couple frayed. In the season five finale, Claire gave her first television address as president, revealing the Osama bin Laden-like killing of a major terrorist, and confirmed that the country would go to war with its terrorist organization ICO. She did not take the opportunity to forgive her husband, who muttered, "If she does not forgive me, I'll kill her." But with Spacey, it's not clear whether Frank's long reach can even touch President Claire. However, she is sure to have other fights and to defeat enemies.

We already know that. We will update this story as more news is posted.

Release Date, Episodes and Timing

Fitting to a political show, House of Cards will return in November. The new season will premiere on 2 November, just days before the midterm elections.

Last season was a whopping 1

3 episodes, but the final season is only 8, according to star Patricia Clarkson, adding, "I think it's about to be a breathtaking, breathtaking new season and I'm grateful for that." [19659005] The season has been long in coming. Filming had already begun in October 2017, when the Spacey explosives exploded and production was discontinued for a time . In November, it was announced that Spacey would not be at the show any longer, and shooting in January would continue with a new script and a new plan. Shooting ended in May with Wright's postings on Instagram and thanked Cast, Crew, Studio and Netflix.

Though, of course, in Washington DC, the show was filmed in Baltimore, with the Baltimore County Council Chambers acting as Congress

How to See House of Cards

Choose a Netflix subscription. It's the best way to make sure you get all the new episodes plus access to the first five seasons. This show is so complex that you might want to watch the episodes again to prepare for November.

Not sure if Netflix is ​​worth it? The service offers a free one-month trial. So if you sign up just before the premiere of the new season, you can enjoy the new season and the previous ones and then cancel your membership without penalty.

You can also test the show by buying previous seasons or individual episodes, whether on DVD or digitally on iTunes or other websites.

Meet the cast

Recurring performers include: [19659005] Robin Wright as Claire Underwood

Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper

Jayne Atkinson as Cathy Durant

Boris McGiver as Tom Hammerschmidt

Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson

Patricia Clarkson as Jane Davis

Campbell Scott as Mark Usher

Constance Zimmer as Janine Skorsky

New in this season:

Diane Lane

Greg Kinnear

Cody Fern

What we know about Season 6 Will they talk frankly about Frank? Netflix's statement about the dismissal of Spacey said he would no longer be involved in the show, which could eliminate any chance of using old material or a final scene declaring his death or disappearance. But they have to deal with him somehow, and that could be interesting. Will Claire kill him himself? He said he'd kill her for not pardoning him, so maybe she has to. Or could he kill himself and somehow attach Claire? Everything is possible with Frank.

Teaser is a real tease: Netflix released a 45-second teaser in March, in which Claire promises, "We're just starting," but it does not.

Claire and the Fourth Wall: Spacey's Frank loved talking to the audience, sometimes freezing a whole room of other characters so he could walk around and pontificate. Claire broke the fourth wall herself, but only to admit that she does not feel well and prefers to stay private (oh, and to emphasize that, "my train" in the final).

"Claire is Claire, her relationship with the audience is inevitably different," co-host Melissa James Gibson told The Hollywood Reporter. "She and Frank are very different characters and have different needs in relation to this relationship." It is likely that Claire will break less with the fourth wall, but that it will become powerful when it happens.

Clear Idea by Claire: Wright was asked how a Claire Underwood presidency would look like, and told The Hollywood Reporter, "I personally would like that it's the biggest president we've ever had How it arrives and reaches there is a whole different story about the show's opera. "

Ciao, Conway Family: Frank and Claire cheated their way back to the White House and defeated the popular Republican candidate and war hero (or was he?) Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman), wife Hannah (Dominique McElligott) and her seemingly perfect family. The Conways were great films for the Underwoods, but it does not look like they're back. Kinnaman plays in another Netflix show, Altered Carbon and has said Will Conway's episodes are done.

Greg Kinnear, Diane Lane and Cody Fern are joining the cast as a family that deals with the Underwoods, joining the past.


Doug Goes Nowhere Michael Kelly's White House chief of staff, Doug Stamper, has done everything for Frank, including killing, but he may be prepared to relocate alliances to Claire. Kelly told Variety that "now everything is with Claire, and it was really an interesting time." And it looks like Doug survives until the series ends. "Robin and I both asked to be the last scene on the last day because we want to be there with our crew," Kelly said.

Dead or not dead? The fate of characters in House of Cards is often unclear, but if we had to guess, we would say that Neve Campbell's character, LeAnn Harvey, is probably DOA. She was in a horrible Underwood-staged car crash, though we saw her mangled car and not her body. "Sometimes you do not have to see the whole movie to know how it ends," Frank said as he turned off the video of the imminent accident.

On the other hand, Secretary of State Catherine Durant, who was knocked down the stairs by Frank in Season 5, is likely to survive. Little was said about Durant's condition in the series, but Jayne Atkinson is in season 6, unlike Campbell. Well, how much will Durant remember who has incited her, and will it even matter when Frank is gone?

The Not-so-Good Shepherds: This season's Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear and Cody Fern. They will play all members of the mighty Shepherd family who run a leading industrial conglomerate called Shepherd Unlimited. Lane is Annette Shepherd, Kinnear plays her brother Bill. "The two share a vision for the future of America and a complicated past with the Underwoods," Netflix reveals in a statement. Fern plays Duncan Shepherd, Annette's ambitious and dedicated son.

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