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How (and why) is the Chromebook Simulator used by Google?

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Google's Chromebook Simulator is an animated and interactive simulation in your browser that lets you learn more about navigating Chrome OS. It provides many step-by-step instructions to help you familiarize yourself with the operating system.

Reasons to Use Google's Chromebook Simulator

The Google Simulator is designed for people who have recently bought or want to buy a new Chromebook ̵

1; and want to get used to Chrome OS. It contains tutorials that explain basic features and functions through an interactive user interface and step-by-step instructions.

The instructions in the simulator are easy to follow and only run when you're ready to move on. In some manuals, you need to click on the simulated desktop to go to the next step, while for others you need to click the "Next" button to continue.

Some of the themes covered in the simulator include "Search as a Guest" and "Add an Account," use the touchpad, install Android apps, and refresh your Chromebook.

How to Use the Chromebook Simulator

Start the browser and go to the simulator's home page.

In this case, you can scroll through the categories in the left pane for instructions, or click on one of the "Popular Topics" at the bottom of the page. You can even use the search bar to find what you want from the topics covered.

 Select a topic to start the simulation with the area on the left, the popular topics below, or the search bar at the top of the page.

When you have found the topic you are looking for, click on it to start the tutorial.

 Click a topic to load it into the simulator. [19659005] After the tutorial has loaded, you can track it by clicking on the provided animation or the Next button.

 Follow the animation or click

. Click the "Chromebook Help" link at the bottom of the page to redirect to the Google Help Desk page. Click on "Restart Tutorial" to return to the beginning of the manual, or give feedback on the tutorial.

 When finished, choose how you want to proceed. Continue reading on the Chromebook help page, restart the tutorial, or provide feedback.

You can switch to another at any time during the tutorial by clicking a new topic in the list on the left. You can also print the tutorial or download it as a PDF file to have it on your computer.

 You can always select a different topic, print the tutorial, or download it to your computer as a PDF.

The Chromebook Simulator is not a fully functional version of Chrome OS. It gives users the ability to fix common problems.

If you want to test the OS before you make the leap, the simulation will give you a good idea on how to move around before you buy a Chromebook. Otherwise, you can test Chrome OS in a virtual machine on your current system.

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