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How and Why to Change the Name of Your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

You may give your name to every stranger you see and don’t even know it. Your iPhone has a name – generally a combination of a first name and device model – and sends it to others using AirDrop, Personal Hotspot, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connections. Sure, keeping your device name simple and to the point is useful, but there are benefits to changing it too.

Renaming your iPhone is not just about changing the label, it’s also about protecting your identity and making life easier. If you are deeply involved in the Apple ecosystem and have a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad linked to the same Apple ID, changing the name of your iPhone can make managing your devices, finding your backups, and much more easier.

Why change the name of your iPhone?

As explained above, changing iPhone name is not just about security, it̵

7;s also about cohesion and productivity. Here are some reasons you might want to change your device name in more detail:

1. Protect your identity

Virtually anyone can see the name of your iPhone. Anyone nearby who tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network will see it in their list of detected networks as a personal hotspot. With AirDrop sharing open to everyone, nearby users can see your device name when they want to share a file or see who’s around.

Hackers can see this when they map devices on the same network. System administrators can identify your device by searching the network for bandwidth problems. Your device name can also be shown with a quick bluetooth scan.

If you’ve never changed the name of your iPhone before, this is probably the case [YourName]iPhone [Version], “like” Nelson’s iPhone 11 Pro. “This makes it easy to designate a device as your device, and it helps people nearby know what type of device you have.

Choosing something completely random will give you more anonymity. While you are still at risk of hackers, system administrators, and others seeing your iPhone’s MAC address or spying on your activity, at least you make it difficult for them to identify you faster.

2. Manage your devices better

If you have multiple Apple devices and they are all named similarly or identically, it is a good idea to uniquely change the name of each device. This can help you better distinguish devices. This is helpful when trying to track a stolen or lost device in Find My, knowing which debit and credit cards are connected to which device via Apple Pay, and which device is which when it is connected to your Mac via USB connected is.

3. Find your backups easier

The more devices you have, the more complicated it becomes to manage. If your devices all use the same iCloud account or Mac to back up your important information, accessing the backups can be a headache if they have a similar name.

Having unique names for each of your devices makes it easier to find the right backup you’re looking for. In addition, old device backups may all have a similar name. Therefore, you should distinguish between current and obsolete backups in case you want to delete something to free up space.

4. Make sharing between devices easy

Need to share a document, photo, or something else between your iPhone and MacBook or your iMac and iPad? If each of your devices has the same name, you might see similar options when using AirDrop. Using different names will make your life a lot easier.

5. Custom names are just more fun

You might just want to change your name because you want something funnier and more interesting. Almost everyone has a boring iPhone name. So if you give it something unique, you can unplug your iPhone from the package (if that’s what you want).

How to change the name of your iPhone

So you’ve decided to change the name of your iPhone? Fortunately, the process is incredibly simple. First, launch the Settings app and go to “General”. Then tap “About” at the top of the page. Now you can view the name of your iPhone, which is the first thing you will see. To change it, tap on “Name” and you’ll land in a text field.

Tap the delete icon (X) to the right of the text field to delete the current device name. You can also hold down the Backspace (X) key on the keyboard, but each character will be deleted individually, not at the same time.

Now you are free to name your iPhone whatever you want. Depending on your needs, you can go for something simple and straightforward to differentiate between devices (N-iPhone1) or something more unique, such as a username on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

Enter your new name, then tap About to return to the previous page. You will now see that your updated name is displayed instead of the default name.

As mentioned earlier, your new name will appear across your device and other Apple products. You will see it updated in the following apps, settings, and more.

  • Find mine (left picture below)
  • Personal hotspot
  • AirDrop
  • Bluetooth
  • iCloud
  • Backups (right picture below)
  • Apple Pay
  • Mac (Finder, Music, etc.)

And these are just a few examples. Remember, hackers and system administrators can see your name using tools like Fing or the router’s controls.

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Cover image and screenshots by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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