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How (and why) you stick to your routines while traveling – LifeSavvy

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When you're on vacation, keeping up with your daily routine can be a challenge. Holiday is indeed the time to try new things. However, it may be helpful to stick as close to your normal routine as possible.

The Benefits of Sticking to Your Routine

Travel is beneficial in many ways ̵

1; especially if you are open and open-minded about adaptability. However, it requires a lot of changes that make it difficult to maintain your habits. The moment you leave the comfort of your home, give up your control to be in a new place. Most of the time this contributes to bad decisions. How many times have you spent half of your vacation eating junk food? Do you usually complete your daily to-do list while living on a tropical island or in a ski resort?

That happens to the best of us. Holiday should be fun. It is an opportunity to sit back, relax and forget the stress we often face at work or in our daily lives. But that does not mean that we have to throw our everyday life out of the window immediately after leaving.

Routines keep us on the ground and help us with time management. They can also improve our health by helping us deal with stress and achieve our goals.

However, if you are in a new and exciting environment, your view of your habits may change. Doing things like doing sports, eating healthy meals, meditating, updating your diary or suddenly reading it all feel like housework.

The good news is that it does not have to be this way. All you need to maintain your healthy habits during the trip is a spoonful of organization and a drop of dedication.

How to Maintain Your Habits While Traveling

Minimizing the differences between your daily life and your travel itinerary is the key to maintaining your health, being productive and motivated to maintain your habits. The more organized you are, the easier it gets.

Every successful journey begins with a good plan. When planning the activities you plan to do on your journey, try to save some time to attend one of your daily rituals. For example, if you know that you are probably out every day after 10 o'clock, try waking up a few hours earlier so that you can meditate, exercise, or write before breakfast. If you already do this at home, you will not find it difficult to stick to this habit.

To make things easier, you should stay in hotels with gyms and near health food stores, juice bars or co-workrooms. It will save you the time to look for ways to maintain your routine after you arrive.

<img class = "wp-image-11069 size-full" data-pagespeed-lazy-src = "https://www.lifesavvy.com/thumbcache/0/0/f8aafcf5e3590efb0a80d9f11d727456/p/uploads/2019/ 10 / x4cc0b6db.jpg.pagespeed.gp + jp + jw + pj + ws + js + rj + rp + rw + ri + cp + md.ic.lrtDBnu0OV.jpg "alt =" A woman standing on rocks at sunrise Beach meditates I will be more aware of what is to come, and be better prepared for it.Make sure you pack things that you use every day, like a meditation bowl, your diary, or your favorite protein powder traveling with them, you are more likely to feel at home and stay with your habits.

Finally, focus on your well-being, prioritize things that make you feel good and are important to you Routine can give you a sense of accomplishment, but you can also feel frustrated or disappointed with it do not do it.

Travel can keep you occupied, and that's fine. Focus on some daily habits that you want to maintain and integrate as a mini-mile in your travel plan. It is a more realistic approach to staying healthy and enjoying life at the same time.

The Best Care Routines

Some healthy habits should be prioritized, even if you are on the other side of the world. We chose the three that we believe are the most beneficial. You can also replace it with your own.


  • Plan : Find yourself a hotel with a gym on the grounds or within the building within walking distance. If you prefer privacy while exercising, choose a place with plenty of space.
  • Prepare : Be sure to pack your exercise equipment and accessories. If you do not have access to a gym, pack a skipping rope or resistance bands instead, or save some YouTube training videos.
  • Prioritize : Determine how often you want to exercise while exercising, you're gone, how many videos do you want to make per session, or how many specific exercises do you want per day.

Night and Morning

  • Plan : If You're One Make sure your accommodation is not near a busy area. Check the online reviews for thin walls or loud noises. If you enjoy yoga at sunrise, opt for a beachfront hotel or a rooftop hotel so you can enjoy all your sun salutations in peace.
  • Preparing : Wrap earplugs and a sleep mask easier to fall asleep. Also bring along some comfort items, such as your favorite pajamas, pillowcases or essential oils.
  • Prioritize : It's easy to get carried away by drinks and conversation when you're in a new place. Try to stay as close as possible to your bedtime. Go to bed early and sleep as many hours as you need to be in good shape. If you need some tips on how to close your eyes, read our guide on how to get to bed earlier.


  • Plan : If you want to prepare your meals, choose a hotel near a supermarket. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, you should investigate and choose to stay near restaurants that offer you options.
  • Preparing : Pack some of your favorite items, such as protein bars, nut mixes, or tea if you can not find them at your destination.
  • Prioritize : Try to have a healthy breakfast and avoid overeating at dinner. Remember, however, that small pleasure – especially on vacation – never hurts anyone.

Sticking to your routines during your absence does not have to be exhausting. If you're realistic and you're good at planning, preparing and prioritizing, you can smoothly switch to vacation mode while maintaining your healthy habits.

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