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How can I prevent other emails from being retrieved? – LifeSavvy

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Is your mailbox often mailed to the previous tenants of your home or apartment? How to get this misdirected mail from your mailbox.

Forwarded mail sometimes slips through the cracks and only lasts for a certain amount of time. If the previous tenant has not changed her address directly to a company, this email will continue to be sent to the address specified in the file.

There are some ways to prevent the e-mail from being delivered to another recipient's mailbox. If one does not work, try the next. However, there is no guaranteed way ̵

1; this often depends on your post office and forwarders.

Return to sender

Returning to the sender is the best way to inform the sender of the misdirected mail about their mistake. The idea behind writing "Return to sender" for emails to someone who no longer lives at your address is not that the post stops delivery, but that the sender gets it back and removes your address from their system , This does not always work, but it's worth a try.

You can write back to sender or no longer to this address. When you tick the barcode, automated systems warn someone looking at the mail and emails. I hope it will be delivered to the wrong address.

If you put the mail back in your box, your carrier should see your note. With luck, he will receive the hint and no longer send the mail addressed to this name to your home. However, haulage companies serve many households so they can easily forget it.

If you are tired of carrying all those mail in order to carry them out again, you can attach a pen to your mailbox with a Velcro fastener. This makes it easier to write your note and leave the post there.

If you are dealing with a heavy tide of mail, you can use a large, clear, red ink stamp to whiz through the stack. [19659006] Make a Sign

The postal service often inserts a note in mailboxes with the surnames of the persons receiving mail to that address. However, freight forwarders do not always check them when they drop pre-sorted mail into the box.

You can, however, stick a sign on your box indicating either the surname of the person whose mail is to be delivered there or the name of the former resident whose mail is no longer to be delivered there.

Remove your address from mass mailing lists.

If the post you receive is a lot of junk mail, such as flyers and catalogs, you can try to get yours The address has been removed from bulk mailing lists by contacting the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) turn.

Sign in to their website to get more control over the emails.

Contact your postmaster.

If none of If this worked, contact your postmaster and tell him the problem. You can call or go to the mailing address that serves your address. If you have some of the badly delivered mail, show them the problem.

The Postmaster wants this post to go to the right person as many times as you want it to stop coming to you. You may have more suggestions for how to use forms and phone calls to get to where the emails are sent.

What you should not do

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It's frustrating enough when your mailbox is full of things that are addressed to you and that you do not want, let alone another's mail. But fight the urge you may need to open or throw in the trash. You should not do the following:

  • Do not open it. Even if emails are delivered to your address, it's illegal to open them if your name does not appear on them.
  • Do not complete a form to change the address. If the former resident did not forward his mail, you can not do this for him. A change of address also applies only for one year for priority and first-class mail and for 60 days for items such as magazines. If he moved over a year ago, his address change has already expired. However, your postmaster can fill out a form to forward emails to past tenants. If you have your new address, take it to the post office and make a request to your local postmaster.
  • Do not throw them. Although it can be tempting to dispose of someone else's mail, the same thing is about destroying them as it is, which is also illegal. If you throw it away, you will still receive emails. Instead, follow the return instructions to the sender and return them to the post office or drop them off at the post office.

Dealing with the post is a delicate matter. If in doubt, take it to the post office or pick up your carrier while delivering. If the email is for a former roommate or other person, you may be tempted to hand them over. It's still a better idea to go back to the sender and involve your postmaster to make sure future emails are sent to the right address.

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