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How do I avoid the prickly "blue" shell in Mario Kart Tour? «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

It happens to all of us. They are clearly in the first place when someone launches the Spiny Shell (also known as the blue shell). It catches up with you and circles you before you crash into your kart, and you apparently can not help it. But what if I tell you that there are two ways to get around this fate in Mario Kart Tour?

In Mario Kart Tour blue shells can actually be avoided. With the right item or expert, you can dodge the Blue Shell explosion and continue your dominance on the track. Is it easy to reach? No, but if it were, everyone would. The following methods require some practice. But once you become a master, you can destroy the dreams of your opponents as you continue to lead despite the desperate last effort.

Method 1
: Destroy them. This can only be achieved with one object, the Superhorn. The Superhorn (the red box with the yellow speaker) prevents the Spiny Shells from hitting and destroying you.

To use it, you must wait until the Spiny Shell arrives and spins around you. Just before it hits you, activate the Superhorn. This will repel the Spiny Shell and you can continue undamaged.

Method 2: Avoid It.

If you do not have the element required to destroy it, the only other option is to avoid it. There are two ways to accomplish this, both of which are quite difficult to achieve. The first is to return to second place and hold just long enough for the blue shell to overtake you and hit the new rider in first place.

Although it's not too hard to come in second, the problem remains close enough. Resume it first, keeping enough distance to avoid the blue shell's blast radius. The best way to keep your distance is to use slipstream. It's not easy, but with some practice you can use this method to not only avoid blue shells, but to take the first place at the start of the race. For information on using Slipstream, see the following instructions.

For the other method either the triple or the megapilot is required. When the item is at hand and the blue shell is preparing to fall on you, activate the mushroom to get ahead and avoid the explosion. You must enable milliseconds before it crashes for this work. If you use the mushroom too soon, the blue shell simply chases you to its current location. I will not lie, this method will require a lot of practice. But it's something you should learn, because Super Horn is pretty rare.

Cover Picture by Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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