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How do I get a refund from the PlayStation Store?

So you bought something at the PlayStation Store and it does not work for you? Whether you've accidentally bought a game or just decided you'd rather get your money back, a refund is now as easy as chatting with a rep for a few minutes. Sony's new refund policy covers pre-orders, games, DLC, subscriptions, and movies, which means you no longer need to complete and return cancellation forms.

Although the new refund policy is more comprehensive, there is still one big drawback: once you've downloaded your purchased content, you will not be able to receive that refund. If you have pre-ordered a song, you can receive a refund before before each release. Once the game is loaded on the console, you're out of luck ̵

1; even if you have not played it yet.

We'll walk you through the steps required to get a refund and explain how you can prevent future pre-ordered games and other content from being automatically downloaded.

On the phone (left) you can see the option to chat by scrolling to the bottom of the page. In your desktop browser (right), the chat option is on the right side of the page. No scrolling required.

Chat with PlayStation Support for a refund.

There is currently no option on your PS4 console to initiate a refund. You need to go to the PlayStation support page in the browser of your phone or computer and click on the blue "Chat" window. Be prepared to provide answers to simple questions about your account from the support team to approve the refund.

Your purchase of a pre-ordered title can be refunded through the original payment method, but for all other content purchased on the website PlayStation Store will be credited to your PSN wallet. Of course, it is preferable to have the money back in your check or debit account, so it pays to politely ask if the purchase can be returned to your bank account or PayPal instead.

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions can also be refunded. However, your PSN wallet may have a different amount than the original purchase price, depending on how long you had the subscription.

Disabling Automatic Downloads

If you are someone who pre-orders many games You can take one step to ensure that you can request a refund if you wish. You will only be eligible for a refund if you have not downloaded or preinstalled your purchases. Unfortunately, you need to turn off the PS4's convenient, time-saving Auto-download feature.

Disabling this feature is more detrimental than positive. While you can request a refund, the system will not download your games while you perform other tasks. Instead, you must manually download and install your games in your free time. This also affects already played titles, as updates have to be installed manually. However, if this is not a big deal for you or your Internet speeds are really fast, this is a bit less burden.

To make sure your pre-orders are not pre-loaded, first navigate to the top-level options then click Settings.

Scroll down to the "System" setting and tap "X" on the controller.

The second shot from the top is "Automatic Downloads". Press this option. [19659015] Finally, disable the "Application Update Files" setting. This disables getting and installing updates and preloading data through your PS4.

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