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How do I make YouTube faster in non-Chrome browsers?

If you do not use
and you feel
loads slower than before or should, you're not crazy. Your Internet connection (likely) is not the problem. And not your browser. The culprit is YouTube instead.

Last year,
released a brand new design for YouTube . This redesign not only brought a Dark Mode but was part of the brand consolidation on all Google products.

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How do I activate the new "dark theme" on YouTube?


What Google did not mention, however, is how this redesign could affect how quickly YouTube loads other as Chrome. Chris Peterson, technical program manager at
pointed to this discrepancy earlier this week on Twitter, claiming YouTube will be downloaded up to five times slower in Firefox. The slow loading in other browsers is due to the fact that YouTube uses the Shadow DOM v0 API, which is now obsolete and is only used in Chrome. This means that YouTube is significantly slower in virtually all other browsers.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for non-Chrome users: restore the old design. Of course, the option to get out of the new design is long gone. But there are browser add-ons and extensions that bring it back and speed up your YouTube experience.


For Firefox users, the workaround is simple. Peterson recommends using the YouTube Classic add-on for Firefox. Just click Add to Firefox . If you load YouTube, it should be noticeably faster.

Safari and Edge

For Safari and Edge, the process is a bit more complicated. Tom Warren of The Verge recommends using the Tampermonkey extension for Safari and Edge. You need to enable the extension or the add-on and install a userscript that returns the old YouTube design.

In Safari once the extension has been downloaded:

  • Click on the Downloads button to expand the menu.
  • Double-click tampermonkey.safariextz
  • The settings panel and prompt for extensions appear, and you are asked if you want to trust the extension. Click Trust .

For Edge you must download Tampermonkey from the Microsoft Store. After Downloading and Installing:

  • Click Start on the Microsoft Store Page
  • This opens Edge and prompts you to enable the extension. Click Enable .
  • If this does not work, manually enable the extension by opening Edge and clicking the action overflow button (three horizontal dots) in the top right corner of the browser window] Select Extensions and click the button to the right of Tampermonkey .

Once installed, the tampermonkey extension icon appears to the left of your address bar in Safari and to the right of the address bar in Edge. Click the icon and select Create a new script . A new window will open with an editor. Download the script YouTube – Restore Classic and copy the contents of the script into the editor and then click File> Save .

Next time you visit YouTube, it may take a while to load. But as soon as the script runs and the theme reverts to the old YouTube layout, you should see a significant increase in page load times on YouTube.

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