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How do I use the new Apple Books app in iOS 12?

  • Download iOS 12

    First, make sure your iPhone or iPad has iOS 12 or higher. Open Settings> General> Info . In the info screen, scroll to the entry for Version. If 12.0 or higher is listed, you are set. If not, return to the General screen and tap the Software Update entry to download and install the latest version of iOS.

  • Apple Books welcome screen

    Tap the Books icon. When you first start the app, you will be greeted by a welcome screen and information about Apple books. When prompted to sign in to the Cloud to access your purchases, tap Sign in and enter your Apple ID password

  • Read Now

    The app will instantly show you the books you are about to purchase have read as well as all that you have read recently. Touch a book you want to read on, and the app places you where you left off.

  • would like to read

    Scroll down from the list of books you are reading to see the books on your wishlist. This is a collection of titles that you want to read next, based on the book you recently downloaded. Tap the View all link to see details about the proposed books.

  • More Reading Sections

    Continue to swipe across the screen, and the app will suggest more books that you might want to check out, categorized by customer favorites, reviews by critics, and winners. Another section will propose books that have been adapted for movies.

  • View Book Library

    Tap the Library icon to see all the books you have collected. Tap the sort arrow to organize your books by the latest downloads, titles, authors, or manual selections. With the manual option, hold down a book and drag it to another location to change its position.

  • Filter Collections

    You can also filter the list. Tap the Collections arrow to see books, audiobooks, PDFs, and other categories.

  • Create Custom Collections

    You can even create your own new collections. Touch the entry for New Collections. Enter the name for your collection, and then tap Done.

  • Edit Library Collections

    If you want to rename or delete collections, tap the Edit link in the Collections pane. Tap the name of a collection to give it a new name. Tap the Remove button to remove it, and then tap Done.

  • Move books to collections

    Now, how do you move a book into a particular collection? Tap the ellipse in the lower right corner of a book. Tap the Add to Collection entry and then tap the name of the collection where you want to save it.

  • Manage a Book

    To execute other commands for a specific title, tap the ellipsis points previously mentioned. Use the menu to remove the book from your collection, add the book to your "Want to Read" list or collection, mark it as completed, share, rate and review a book link to iTunes via email or social media Add it to iTunes, and give your opinion on the selection by tapping on love or dislike.

  • Manage multiple books

    You can also remove or move multiple books at the same time. Touch the Edit link in the upper right corner of the app. Touch the books you want to include. Tap the trash can icon at the bottom left to remove it. To move it, tap the Add to icon at the bottom of the screen and select the collection you want.

  • Buy new books

    If you are in the mood to buy some books, tap the bookshop icon. The store offers various groupings of books for viewing. Swipe down the screen to see the advertised areas and offers for different types of books. Apple offers such categories as New & Trending, Top Charts, Free, New York Times Fiction, New York Times Nonfiction and Special Offers & Free. Under Specific sections, tap the Show all link to expand the list.

  • Receive a free book

    To get a specific book, touch its thumbnail. If it's free, tap the "Get" button to find it.

  • Buy a Paid Book

    If the book is a paid title, tap the Buy button to buy it. You can read a free or paid book on the same screen or return to your library to view it.

  • Search Books by Section

    Back to the Bookstore screen, you can search for specific sections. In the upper left corner, tap the "Search areas" entry and choose what you want to see.

  • Browse books by genre

    You can also search by genre. Swipe to the bottom of the bookstore to view and access various categories.

  • Browsing audiobooks

    To find audiobooks, tap the Audiobooks icon. Here you can browse the displayed sections. You can also look at certain genres. Touch the Browse Sections entry and select the genre you want to view. Alternatively, swipe to the end of the audiobook screen to see all categories.

  • Find Books

    Finally, you can search for books, titles, author, subject, and other criteria. Touch the search icon. The screen displays trend searches so you can choose any one of interest. When you start your own search, the app displays the results that best fit your listing.

    The search function will also search your personal library. Enter a search entry that matches books in your own collection, and they will appear in the results.

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