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How Kamala Harris became a controversial potential vice president for Biden

Senator Kamala Harris has been considered a favorite by many experts to become Joe Biden’s running companion for some time.

However, several recent reports have cited sources that raise doubts about Biden’s inner circle about Harris, and other options such as former national security adviser Susan Rice or MP Karen Bass – both black women with extensive experience in the country’s capital – have one Increase in their shares.

Proponents of rice and bass have touted their lack of political ambitions as strengths for one of them who acts as a loyal vice president and can also offer his own political expertise in the White House ̵

1; the subtext means that they are not motivated by a possible run in the Year 2024 or 2028 as Harris could.

What exactly is going on here and where is Harris?

The drama and mystique of a potential vice president makes the process mature with allusions and rumors in the press.

The supposed favorite can change from one candidate to another almost every day. The reasons why unflattering details about a candidate or other rumors may become known at some point can be confusing for those who are watching the saga from a distance.

When it comes to Harris, the core of the conflict is split into two times: the first democratic primary debate on television last July and the presidential race in 2024.

As for those who are said to have reservations about Harris, things are getting a little darker, but only a few confidants near Biden are the ones to watch.

That is what the Kamala drama is about.

The ‘inner circle’

Biden sister wife

Former Vice President Joe Biden (C) arrives with wife Jill Biden (R) and sister Valerie Biden Owens (L) for a Super Tuesday campaign event at the Baldwin Hills Recreation Center on March 3, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

This week’s big story was about a meeting Harris had with one of Biden’s closest advisors and best friends, former Senator Chris Dodd.

Dodd, who campaigned for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Law after the 2008 financial crisis, is one of four members of Biden’s official Vice President Selection Committee.

The 76-year-old allegedly had concerns that Harris had no “remorse” for following Biden’s debate over his opposition to nationwide buses. The California senator told Dodd, “This is politics.”

This viral moment revolved around Harris, who challenged Biden to resist the federal government-mandated bus and incorporated her personal story into the mix by describing how bus travel enabled her to go to a better school.

“There was a little girl in California who was part of the second grade to integrate her public schools, and she was taken to school every day by bus,” Harris told Biden. “I was this little girl. So I’m going to tell you that it can’t be an intellectual debate among Democrats on the subject.”

Biden and Harris later seemed to bury the hatchet and sometimes even seemed chummy during elementary school before Harris got out and eventually endorsed Biden.

But Dodd’s meeting with Harris, first reported by Politico, apparently went so badly that, according to Politico, “it revealed a contingent of Democrats campaigning against Harris for VP – some privately, others openly.”

Dodd looked for a serious excuse for what Politico called “gimmick” that was “cheap” instead of arguing Harris’ s view that Biden’s previous positions were a fair game.

Whether Harris could be a trustworthy representative of Biden or highlight her own political ambitions was what Dodd and others in Biden’s inner circle and some donors are concerned about, Politico reported.

Harris’ trustworthiness was said to be the problem that Dodd feared the most when he got out of the meeting, but critics have asked why a septuarian white man should have so much influence that Biden chooses a colored woman for his companion.

Gender tropes also play a role, although different connotations of ambition and loyalty may work against Harris as a woman in politics.

Under the radar, however, two women are significantly involved in Biden’s VP decision, and neither of them are on the official selection committee.

One of them is Biden’s wife Jill, who was very critical of Harris’ attack and called him “like a punch in the stomach” before hitting a more conciliatory tone when they performed on stage together in Michigan in March.

Biden said he often consulted his wife about important decisions, and it was difficult to read where she was on Harris, despite the campaign’s efforts to turn the page after the California senator approved it.

The other key figure in Biden’s inner circle is his sister Valerie Biden Owens.

Biden's sister Valerie

Archive photo of Joe Biden and his sister Valerie Biden Owens.

Ira Wyman / Sygma via Getty Images

Up until that point, Biden Owens had led her brother’s every political campaign, from the student government to all seven Senate runs to his presidential offers in 1988 and 2008.

She wears many of the same manners as her brother and can show sharper elbows on the trail than the more anti-conflict Biden.

When I worked as a political reporter for The Keene Sentinel on elementary school in 2020 in New Hampshire, Biden Owens came to the campaign’s local branch to meet supporters and volunteers.

We stepped aside for an interview when she finished shaking hands and I asked about the moment of the debate.

Biden Owen’s behavior suddenly turned into a hint of annoyance, and she let go before an adjutant entered, saying that she had to go back to the SUV parked outside to get to another event.

“He is very aware of this t-shirt moment,” she told me, referring to the Harris campaign to sell goods related to the moment of debate and one of Harris’ more memorable quotes: “The little girl was I.”

“Do you know what I mean by the t-shirt moment? ‘I was this little girl’ and – for heaven’s sake, Joe has been a citizen since he lived his whole life,” said Biden Owens.

In a Washington Post story in late June, Sean Sullivan and Annie Linksy reported that Harris’ concerns about Biden’s wife and sister were so worrying about the campaign that they needed to be addressed with a sign of unity.

“The Friday Biden campaign tried to suppress the rumble of some Democrats who said they showed signs of frustration with Harris from Jill Biden and Valerie Biden Owens, Biden’s sister and longtime political advisor, found anything but positive,” Sullivan wrote and Linsky.

“Both Dr. Biden and Valerie have nothing but utmost respect, admiration, and affection for Senator Harris,” Elizabeth Alexander spokeswoman for the Biden campaign told The Post in a statement. “Rumors or contrary assumptions are not true and have no basis in reality or facts.”

Only those who have unhindered access to Biden’s inner circle can know whether these feelings have really been smoothed out.

But if Harris misses out, the warning signs were in place long before the stories about the summer sweepstakes began to fall.

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