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How to Activate the Android 10 Dark Theme Mode

  android 10 dark theme as shown on a google pixel 2 xl

Ove in recent years have added more and more apps to support a darker mode, where these apps can change their background into a black color. In this way, the text of the app is white and more readable for some people. This can also help to keep your phone's battery from draining faster, as the display does not work that hard.

After months of rumors, Google confirmed that Android Q, now officially called Android 10, would support a system-wide darkness mode theme so that almost all aspects of the operating system can switch to this mode. To enable Android 10 dark mode on your phone when the operating system is installed.

How to Enable the Android 10 Dark Mode Theme

  Android 10 Dark Mode Screenshots

It's pretty easy to get Dark Mode running in Android 10.

  1. First, tap the Settings icon on your phone.
  2. Then scroll down and tap the Display option. [19659011] Finally, tap on the theme Dark to start the dark mode.

Add the Android 10 Dark Mode to the Quick Settings

You can also quickly turn the dark mode for Android 10 on and off switch off by adding it to the Quick Settings function.

  1. First, take your finger and pull down the top of the screen to toggle to show the Quick Settings feature
  2. Then you should see the pen i and then tap on it. It's in the lower left corner of the screen. " Quick settings ".
  3. The dark topic icon should then appear below. Just drag the icon to the Quick Settings screen and drop it.

This allows you to turn on the Dark Mode theme in Android 10. Will you activate it when you receive the operating system update?

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