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How to actually display notifications on the iPhone

If your notifications on your iPhone do not show a full preview of the content on your lock screen, you can change this as follows:

By default, iPhones with Face ID hide the content preview for notifications until they can be verified. This is not such a big deal because Face ID is super fast and almost instant. However, if you have your iPhone on your desk and in a position where Face Detection does not work, you will need to pick up your iPhone and verify your face after receiving a notification to see the preview.

The good news is you can always change this to show the content of the notification, and it's just a quick switch between settings.

Open the Settings app on the Home screen.

Tap "Notifications."

Select "Show Previews" above.

Tap Always.

From now on whenever you receive a notification, the content preview is always displayed, regardless of whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked. This does not have to be checked first with the Face ID.

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