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How To Add Your Favorite Songs To Your Instagram Stories «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Music fits in perfectly with Instagram stories, but getting that music can be difficult. For videos, you need to play the music in the background while recording, while photos have no choice but to stay quiet. This is changing now that Instagram provides an easy way for users to add the latest hits to their stories.

With the new feature, Instagram claims users have access to "thousands" of songs. While it is not clear from how many songs it can be selected, there seems to be a healthy selection of available tunes.

There are two ways to add music to your story – a method you can use before you create your story and one in case you've already recorded the photo or video of your story. Note: Only the first of these methods allows you to erase the title of the song from your story while keeping the music, so remember this before jumping in.

Method 1
: Add music before creating a story (iOS only)

If you want your music choice to inspire the story you've created, look at this method. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available on iOS, but Instagram claims Android users would see it soon.

To start, start the story camera and then select "Music" from the carousel at the bottom of the display. From here you can browse the songs that Instagram has available, either under the tabs "Popular", "Moods" or "Genres". You can also search for songs yourself using the search bar. Tap the play button next to the tracks to hear a preview.

If you find a song you like, just tap it. Instagram uploads it in the middle of the screen at a set timestamp. However, you can easily change the position in the song by moving the slider left and right to the desired location. Again, you can tap the Play button to hear a preview of your selection. If you want to select a different song, tap the album cover on the left to return to the music browser.

When you're ready to write your story, just use the record button at the bottom of the screen. You can shoot for up to 15 seconds or take a picture playing your song in 15-second loops.

At this point Instagram will put a music sticker on your story. Like any sticker on Instagram, you can move and resize it as you like. If you tap on it, you can switch between white, transparent, and a simple album art.

If you want to remove this sticker, Instagram unfortunately takes the song with it. If you have recorded a video, you can still hear the music if the microphone of your iPhone has recorded the audio, but of course all the other sounds recorded during recording are also present. If you want a clean music experience without the sticker, make sure you record your story without making any noise. Of course this does not work with photos.

Method 2: Adding music after creating a story [19659005] If you already have a picture taken or If you've done your video, you can use Instagram to add music to your story. In this case, Instagram adds added music like its other stickers. Just tap the sticker button at the top of the screen and select "MUSIC" from the sticker drawer to access the song selection.

As with the first method, you can select or search a song here and hear a preview by tapping the play button next to the title. Once you've selected your song, you can choose which part of the song you want to play. If you play the song over an image, you can tap the time under the slider to select a time frame of up to 15 seconds.

You can not delete the sticker with this method without completely removing the music. However. Since the song is added after recording you need Instagram to play the master track about your story. Deleting the sticker will erase the music.

Cover Picture and Screenshots of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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