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How to Archive Telegram Calls to Keep Your Main Chat List Clear and Clear «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Telegram is a fast piling of threads and conversations, as with all instant messaging apps. However, you do not have to stare at any open chats on the main screen of the Android and iOS app. Instead, you can archive any conversation you want, while retaining the view of your main chats for your daily communication without having to permanently delete them.

Although the Archived Chats folder is easy to set up, it offers a large number of features to keep your chat view clean. You can archive multiple threads simultaneously and remove them from the archive. You can hide the folder itself on the main screen so that you no longer need to see your archive. and you can ensure that archived threads do not reappear in your chat view when you receive a new message.

. 1
Archive Chats Individually

To archive a single conversation, locate the chat on the main "Telegram" screen (Android) or "Chats" screen (iOS). Next, long-wind the long-left mouse over the thread under Android until the uncovered blue "Archive" button turns gray. Let go then. On iOS, you can swipe the thread briefly to the left until the Mute, Delete, and Archive buttons appear. Then tap the "Archive" button. In addition, on iOS, you can drag across the thread for a long time until the Archive button covers the other two buttons, and then release.

(1) Swipe Against long stroking on iOS. (2) Complete swipe to the left (left); partial wiping to the left (right).

. 2 Archiving Multiple Chats Simultaneously

You do not have to swipe over each thread in turn. If you know you need to archive multiple threads, tap on "edit" in iOS on the "Chats" main screen. Under Android, long press on a single chat that you want to archive via the "Telegram" screen. Next, on each operating system, select each thread you want to drop for everyone to review. Finally, tap Archive at the bottom of the screen (iOS) or click the archive icon (Android) at the top.

Select and archive multiple threads on iOS.

. 3 View Archived Chat Folder

After you archive a chat for the first time, a new archived chat folder appears at the top of the list of chat or telegram conversations. Tap to see all conversations. On Android, you may need to swipe down the list to see it. If iOS was a secret chat that you archived, the Archived Chats folder will not appear at the top of the list. It only appears if you have a regular cloud chat, but archive all secret chats. The previously archived topics are included.

Use the search bar (iOS) or the magnifying glass (Android) to search for specific topics. You can even send new messages to these threads while you archive them.

4. Sending archived chats to your inbox

If you accidentally archive a thread or multiple threads at once, an "Undo" button appears at the bottom of the screen or two seconds Tap to quickly reverse the archived action and immediately move everything back to your inbox.

If the Undo button disappears or you have a conversation that you archived some time ago If you want to return to your inbox, you can do so from the Archived Chats folder.

To cancel the archiving of a single chat on Android, it is the same as for archiving: Swipe over it with the left mouse button. For iOS, this is the same as for archiving: Swipe left or left with your finger and tap "Unarchive". If you want to unarchive, tap "edit" (iOS) or long press a chat that you want to unbind (Android), check the threads you want, and then tap "Archive" below (iOS) , or the unarchive box above (Android).

5. Hiding the Archive Folder in the Chats Inbox

In addition to hiding unwanted threads in the Archived Chats folder, you can hide the Archived Chats folder itself. On Android, it is hidden by default when you start Telegram, and you can swipe up the screen or long left to fade it out temporarily. Swipe down to show the folder again.

Temporarily hide the "Archived Chats" folder on Android.

On iOS, archived chats are always pinned on top, unless you hide them manually. Swipe your finger to the left over the folder to display the Hide button and tap it. Alternatively, you can swipe to the left with a long swipe to hide it immediately. Now you can drag down the Inbox list to reveal it and drag the list up to temporarily hide it. After forcibly closing and restarting the telegram, the folder disappears. To pin it up, fade in, then swipe left over the folder or finger over the folder and tap "Pin".

Wipe them long to get them under Hide iOS (left) and drag it down to hide it (right).

6. Permanently archive threads

You can archive a chat, but it may not last long. By default, Telegram will archive a chat when you receive a new message. If you know you want to archive a conversation over a long period of time, you'll need to mute notifications about it. To do this, open the thread in your "Archived Chats" folder.

In iOS, tap the chat icon in the upper-right corner, then touch "Notifications." While you can tap on the limited mute options that appear in the action sheet, such as For example, if you mute for 1 hour or mute for 2 days, the only option that leaves this thread permanently in your archive folder is Disable. Select this.

On Android, tap the vertical ellipsis boxes in the upper-right corner in the thread and then on "mute". Like iOS, there are some mute options, but Disable is the option you want. Touch it. Alternatively, either before or after archiving, you can press and hold a message for a long time, and then tap Silent in the vertical ellipses to access the muting options. If you select multiple threads before you tap Dumb, touch If you want to mute a thread on iOS before archiving it, you can swipe it short to the left.

Mute options available for a thread on iOS Tap "Mute" to permanently disable notifications immediately.

Mute a thread forever on iOS before it is archived ,

7. Organize Your Threads by Fixing

Just because it's an archive does not mean that you can not stay on a specific organizational level, which makes us fix. Fixed threads appear at the top of the ad so you can view them instantly. Each time you attach a thread, it will be moved all the way up, even if there were other attached chats before. In that sense, you can strategically pin your threads to keep them in the order you want them.

On an Android Phone

Android currently offers a better way to pin chats. In Android, long press on the conversation you want to pin last. Then tap other topics in the reverse order that you want them to capture, d. H. 5th choice, 4th choice, 3rd choice, 2nd choice, then 1st choice. Then tap the pin icon at the top. You will see how your options arrange themselves in the order you have chosen.

You can also manually arrange frozen items. If you press and hold one of the two buttons, the two-line drag icon will be displayed to the right of each pin. Then long press on the thread you want to move and drag and drop it. Tap the "x" to exit. To delete items, long press one, then select all the items you want to delete, and touch the top of the delete icon.

You can chat on Android (left) fix in a special order and remove all (right).

On an iPhone

As effective for iOS pinning as it is on Android, but not quite as efficient. In the archived list, swipe left over the last thread you want to pin to display the "Pinning" option. Tap to anchor your chat at the top. Now repeat the process in reverse order of how your threads should be aligned, as each attached thread appears over the last one.

As with Android, you can move pens in the folder. In the list view, tap Edit, and the two-line drag icon appears next to each pin. Long-press the icon for the thread you want to move, and then drag it to the desired location. Tap Done to exit. To remove items from the main list, swipe left over them, and then tap Remove.

Fixing threads in iOS.

On Android and iOS, if a chat is pinned in the "Archived Chats" folder, but if a new message arrives and the notification is not disabled, it will still be moved to the chat inbox and messages will be removed from the archives, Calls and audio / video chats with your smartphone. Take a look at the entire chat series.

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