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How to attach a PlayStation-linked Fortnite account to your Nintendo Switch?

Sony said goodbye yesterday to its stubborn and stubborn approach to cross-platform gaming, announcing that players of Epic Games will use Fortnite PlayStation-linked accounts on the Nintendo switch Xbox One, as well as against each other on common play used servers. The move is a big win for consumers after the public relations disaster Sony suffered at E3. It could also be the first step in a broader, transformational shift in the console game industry, away from the restricted and restricted access to platforms that has existed since the advent of popular online multiplayer games.

Still, it's not exactly a straightforward solution, and Sony acknowledged this as well, as John Kodera, the president and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said the feature in the open beta "would be available for in-depth testing" End, Epic supports players with a feature that merges accounts so players with multiple purchases and virtual currency can combine all of this into a single account. Epic also has a separate feature that lets you disconnect an account from one device and link it to another. (The first comes in November and the latter in "a few days," according to Epic.)

However, your PlayStation account can now only be purchased on the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite . as long as you do not care to lose access to advances or purchases made in the Switch version. For PSN players, like myself, who never played Switch because they did not have access to my skins or Battle Pass progression, this is the easiest way to play Switch properly.

Step 1: Log in to Epic Games' website with your Nintendo ID and disconnect from the switch

The most important thing you should know about this process is that it does not happen on the Nintendo Switch itself , In fact, you never have to log in to your PSN account on the switch version of Fortnite properly. This is because Nintendo does not allow itself to log out of a Switch-linked Epic account from the Fortnite client itself. Once you sign in, the account will hang from Nintendo's point of view.

The changes you make will instead be done with Epic's online account system, which can now interact freely between the Sony PlayStation Network and the Nintendo Account system. If you never play on Fortnite on Switch and never created a Nintendo-based account, you're in even better shape. Just jump to step two.

You should be aware of this warning if you have purchased something from the Fortnite switch version or have made any progress that you fear will be lost. It will not come with you until Epic launches its ability to merge accounts in November.

If you happen to create an Epic account associated with your Nintendo Switch, go to the Epic Games website and log in to your Nintendo account. From there, click on the "Account" option that appears under your username, go to "Connected accounts" and click "Disconnect" below the switch icon. Follow the instructions that warn you when you lose access to purchases, progression, and shared profile data. It will also warn you that this process will not "unlock restricted platforms," ​​which is actually outdated at this time because of Sony's policy changes.

Step 2: Log in to Epic Games' website with your PSN account and reconnect the switch.

If you're a PS4 Fortnite player, you've already created an Epic account. Logging in to the console itself. When you log in to the same Epic website and switch to connected accounts, you'll get a list the platforms, which now contains a properly working switch option. If you click "Connect", you can log in with your Nintendo account and that's & # 39; s. You are connected and it is good to go.

Step 3: Fire Fortnite on Switch and let it log in automatically

Go to Fortnite on the switch and start it with the profile on your device connected to your Nintendo Account, the same account you linked to PSN through Epic's website. You must agree to an EULA, but then you will automatically be guided through the login process. After that, you'll see your account safe and in good condition with all its glorious skins and Battle Pass progress on your Nintendo Switch.

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