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How to Automatically Sort Your Photos with Smart Albums on a Mac


Apple's photo may not be perfect, but to easily organize photos, they are unique, especially if you live the lifestyle of the iCloud Photo Library. Smart albums work well, but do you use them fully?

Smart albums are a heavily underutilized aspect of photos, which is a pity as they keep the growing photo library in check more easily than you might think. Do you want to have all the photos from a given period in one place? How about all the photos taken on a particular day with a particular camera? All portrait pictures?

You have the idea.

Here's how to create your own smart album, and we'll give you some ideas on how to use it along the way.

How to Create a Smart Album

To start, open Photos and click "File," followed by "New Smart Album."

 Click File, and then click New Smart Album

Give your new Smart Album a name and select the criteria that photos should use when creating the album.

 Enter a name for your Smart Folder

If you have configured more than one rule, you must select "Any" or "All" before adding to the album should. Selecting All will display a smaller collection of images, whereas All will only require one or more of these rules to allow a picture to be added to the album.

Selecting the drop-down menus You can choose which rules you want to add, including the rules that result from the type of photo, time taken, assigned keywords, and so on. There are many different rules to choose from, with multiple combinations available. Instead of going through them, we will introduce some examples of rules configuration to give you a sense of how simple or complex these can be.

Search all images taken in a given time period [19659007] This may be the most basic filter for smart albums, but it can also be one of the most useful. By default, photos are not easy to see photos taken in a given month. This is what an intelligent album might look like if you wanted to see all the photos taken in February 2019.

In the screenshot below, we have selected "Date Captured" and specified a start and end date.

 Smart Album Sample

See all the portrait photos taken during a time period

Because Photos are so tightly integrated with iCloud Photo Library and iOS devices, it can see which photos have been taken The iPhones portrait feature. This allows you to view all the photos taken with this feature in one place. We've also added criteria to ensure that only photos taken in 2019 are displayed.

For this we select "Photo is portrait" and "Date of capture" "is in the range" of a start and end date. When we say Smart Albums must all meet the following conditions, only portrait photos taken between those dates will be selected.

 Example of a smart album

View all selfies of a particular person Ingest during a period

If you want to see a collection of selfies you have taken, you probably do not want to see children who play around with your phone. This smart album only looks for photos that are only selfies that contain your face, and also filters out anything that was not recorded in 2019.

In this example, we assign photos that all of the following items are the same: "Photo" "Is" "Portrait", "Date Recorded" "is in the range" of a start and end date "and" Person "" closes " a particular person.

 Smart Album Example

You can also select any other person you have previously trained with photos.

Filter all videos

Photos are okay not just pictures, but videos as well – how about a simple smart album that only shows videos taken with your DSLR?

Select "Photo" "is" "Video." You can Also, "Camera Model" is "and" a particular camera model selects photos or videos taken by a particular camera device.

The possibilities are endless, so why not take an hour and play around? You will find it more fun – and helpful ch – as you might expect.

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