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How to Band Together with Friends to Attack Fortifications in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

If you have ever read or seen anything about Harry Potter, you know that friendship and teamwork are big parts of the story. The same applies to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with his "Wizarding Challenges". Here you can attack fortresses alone with enemies, but why do you do that when you can fight with up to four other friends at the same time? This is how it works on Android or iOS.

Niantic's latest Augmented Reality experience introduces us to a new way to explore the magical world of Harry Potter. According to Niantic's help, you can attack a fortress alone. However, if you want to have a better chance of defeating them, join as a group. Not only do you increase your chances of winning because you have several people who try the same challenge as you alone, but in the end get a bigger reward for it.

An Explainer for Wizard Challenges and Fortresses [1
9659004] Wizard Challenges are battles in the AR Arena that you encounter on the map. You see them fighting in fortresses against enemies – what Wizards calls Unite enemies – that you can recognize by their tall castle design. If you're familiar with Pokémon Go, fortresses are a bit like gyms.

Each fortress contains a certain number of levels known as chambers, which increase in difficulty, from the simplest to the most difficult. When you enter a fortress for the first time, only the first chamber is available for play. If you defeat Chambers, the next one will be unlocked for you.

However, you can not simply plow through each chamber at will. Before you start a new one, you must use a "runestone" that is only used to enter chambers and has a profound effect on your Wizarding Challenge experience. The level of the rune stone affects the level of difficulty and the number of enemies you face in your chamber, while the family determines the type of reward you receive when you defeat the chamber. You can see how many Rune stones are in your inventory before using it.

Fight against enemies

Once You are inside, you will fight against a certain number of enemies. You can see how many enemies you have to defeat to pass the chamber. You fight enemies by tapping their icon in the arena, but you can also strategically draw spells on them before combat to improve your chances. Using strategic spells consumes your purple focus gauge, so be sure to keep an eye on it when choosing a spell. If you tap the opponent's icon, you'll see details of that opponent before you hit "Start" to activate it.

Battles are also relatively easy. Hover your mouse over the icon above the enemy to unlock a glyph for the persecution. The amount of damage you do depends on your accuracy. Even enemies will attack you, but not before you find a "Protego" glyph to protect you. Again, your ability to track down this glyph will affect how much damage the enemy inflicts on you. You can tap the Potions icon in the lower right corner to heal yourself with all the potions you have.

If you defeat the enemy, great! Continue to the next as soon as possible. Just know that your health is not restored by itself. However, if the enemy defeats you, not all hope is lost. You'll see a "knocked-out" indicator slowly go down. If this ad is empty, you can fight enemies again, and your health will be restored as long as the chamber has not expired.

If you do not kill all the enemies, before the timer expires, you lose the chamber.

How To Start A Wizard Challenge With Friends

After you know wizarding challenges and fortresses, you want to know how to play with your friends. Apart from one or two speed bumps, the experience is comparable to playing alone, albeit with a few companions at your side.

Step 1: Add your friends.

First you have to make sure that you have it added friends with whom you want to fight. Tap the friend icon in the main screen, and then tap Add friend on the following page.

Find your friend code here. This number indicates how friends you can find in the game and also your friends. You can tap Share to open the sharing sheet (iOS) or the sharing menu (Android) and easily send it to friends. You can also click "Copy" to send it anywhere.

Ask your friend to find their code and share it with you. If you know it, tap the box under "Add friend" and enter the unique identifier. Finally, tap Submit to forward the invitation to your friend.

Step 2: Enter a stronghold together

Connecting friends to your account is only half the battle. If you want to fight together through fortresses, you must actually be together . Like standing right next to each other. Since fortresses are location dependent, this is the only way to jump together into a fortress.

Now a word of warning. Niantic did not create the perfect multiplayer setting here. You need to get up quickly to do it. So stay sharp. If you and your friends are in the same place, you enter the fortress at the same time. One of you must be the first to open a chamber and use a runestone. This person then opens a lobby with space for four more friends who have less than 20 seconds to spare. Every time a friend enters this room, a room in the lobby is filled. When all fields are filled or the clock expires, the fight begins.

From now on, battles work just as they do on their own. Each teammate competes individually against opponents, without the opportunity to fight side by side. If you try to start a fight with an enemy while a teammate is busy with it, you are prevented from doing so, but you can draw strategic spells on the enemy's icon to help your friend.

As usual If you and your friends wipe out all the enemies in the room before the time runs out, you win! When time runs out, you lose and have to try again. Maybe someone else can use a rune stone next time!

Do not forget – your job also matters how well you perform in combat! Need help deciding between auror, magician or professor? We can help.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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