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How to beat the octopus in the sea of ​​thieves

There are many dangers in Sea of ​​Thieves – from the pirate Crews to skeletons to deadly storms. However, the most terrifying among them is the Kraken, a giant sea monster that tries to sink ships and eat pirates.

The Kraken is not so much a boss that you are chasing, as a hazard that occurs randomly and attacks ships with their giant tentacles. When this happens, the crews will have to drop everything and make great coordinated efforts to save their ship and their lives. The Kraken is tough and can be fatal. Usually your aim should only be to deal enough damage to get you out of the clutches and escape. That said, it’s not invincible ̵

1; you can defeat the octopus. A crew working together can fight it off and force the animal to retreat into the depths.

We already have guides to get you started, teach you how to sail, battle other crews, and make a living as a lone pirate Sea of ​​thieves. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to escape the Kraken and even kill it.

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Pay attention to the ink water

Sea of ​​Thieves, how to beat the octopus-colored black water

You can’t hunt for the Kraken, but you can prepare for battle if you know what to look for. The Kraken attack ships seemingly randomly, but it seems preferable to dismantle galleons – crews of three or four – rather than sloops, smaller boats with one or two players. While sailing, make sure that the water around your ship turns black. When the water gets choppy, you know you are under attack. The warning gives you a few seconds to prepare if your ship is stopped. When you see the sign, be sure to quickly charge cannonballs, boards, and bananas and switch your weapon to the sniper rifle.

In general, it’s a good idea to keep yourself replenished with resources every time you visit an island. This is one of the many reasons for this.

Blow up the tentacles

Sea of ​​thieves how to defeat the Kraken Fire Cannons

When the Kraken attacks, you will see a multitude of tentacles appear around your ship. Firing them with your cannons can do the main damage to the Kraken. If a tentacle takes enough damage, it will retreat underwater. If you get rid of them all, the Kraken will leave your ship and return to the deep.

At any given time, some of the tentacles near your ship are swinging to attack you while others are hanging out in the water. In general, to keep your teammates alive, you want to focus on shooting the closer and more active ones as they come by to get you and your crew on.

You can hit the tentacles at any point to damage them, but each tentacle has a “head” at the end. As it approaches your ship, the head often opens to reveal a “mouth” inside. Tentacles take significantly more damage and retreat faster if you hit them in the head. Cannons do the most damage, of course, but they are difficult to use precisely to pin the tentacles down. If you’re having trouble pinning down tentacle heads with a cannonball, consider swapping out your gun for the sniper rifle from your ship’s gun stores. Shooting the Kraken with a weapon doesn’t do that much damage, but a headshot seems to make sense. Working together to cause as much damage as possible is key to surviving the attack.

Note that gunpowder kegs will work on the Kraken, but we don’t really recommend using one unless you get desperate. It’s more or less impossible to explode a gunpowder keg on your ship without seriously damaging everything around. That said, the best bet is to toss a gunpowder keg in the water and shoot it down when it approaches a tentacle. This is difficult to do without practice, especially in the chaos of combat.

Counter the Kraken attacks

Sea of ​​thieves how to defeat the Kraken attacks

When the octopus appears, its tentacles surround the ship. They are dangerous in many ways, and you must do everything possible to minimize the damage they do to your ship and crew. Fortunately, the Kraken tentacles only have two attacks, and both of your entire team can fight with focused attacks.

First, it sucks up a member of your crew with its mouth and grabs it from the deck of the ship. You take damage while in the mouth of the tentacle, and it can also throw you far into the water or hit you against the deck of the ship. If one of your crew members is caught by a tentacle, it is a good idea for the crew to call their attention and unload on it. If you do enough damage, the Kraken will release them. You can’t use your weapon on a tentacle if it has you in its mouth, but you can chop it with your sword.

Second, the Kraken will go after the ship itself, slamming a tentacle over the bow to damage your hull. In this case, it is best if the entire crew turns their attention to the attacking tentacle and whines about it. You can slice the tentacles with your swords when they are on the deck to damage them. The best thing to do is to put them in with everything you need to get rid of them quickly.

Beware of swimming on the surface

Sea of ​​thieves how to beat octopus ink hurts

Chances are, at least some of your crew will be in the water at some point during an Kraken attack. In this case, you need to be careful. While the Kraken’s tentacles won’t chase you while you are in the water, you will take sustained damage from the ink spreading over the attack area. To minimize damage, swim as far below the surface as possible. The ink floats on the water, so you only have to take damage when you take a breath or get back on your ship.

Keeping pace with repairs

Sea of ​​thieves how to beat the octopus repairs

Fighting the octopuses can be dangerous with tentacles appearing or disappearing under the waves. When crew members are caught in tentacles and thrown overboard, it’s easy to forget that your ship itself is being attacked. Make sure your crew falls below deck frequently to fix leaks. It may even be wise to designate a member of your crew specifically to prevent your ship from sinking during battle. The Kraken can do a lot of damage, and if your attention wanes it can take you in-depth.

Make your escape

Sea of ​​thieves how to defeat the octopuses make the escape

In case it wasn’t clear before, we want to make sure you know: you don’t have to kill the Kraken! It’s a matter of pride if you want to. We understand – but you should be ready to cut bait and flee instead of fighting back.

Depending on whether you lose the crew to attack or suffer massive damage, an escape route might be the best way to stay alive (and to keep any treasure you have on board). You can just sail away from the Kraken once you’ve knocked out enough of its tentacles, and it’s worth noting that your sails are still down and at anchor if you are attacked so this can also happen in an accident. If you can sail out of the ink water, you will escape the wrath of the octopus. So, blast on the tentacles until you can move again.

If you are purposely chasing the octopus, you may not want to carry a lot of prey while doing so. If there is prey on board, it is a good idea to prep your rowboat with essential prey animals so you are ready to let go of it and row while the Kraken is distracted from your ship.

Shrouded Spoils Update

The Shrouded Spoils update for Sea Thieves made some notable changes to the Kraken encounter that adventurers should be aware of. First, the overall difficulty of all Kraken encounters has been increased, making it more difficult to defeat the monster (in our experience, only experienced teams are really capable of surviving an Kraken attack).

Second, the Kraken can now attack any type of ship or crew size. It doesn’t matter if you sail the sloop – the Kraken can still attack. However, the encounter is now balanced based on your crew size so you can expect the fight to be easier when you are sailing alone.

Third, the Kraken now has slightly different patterns and a brand new slap attack that can do heavy damage. Some players have found that the Kraken can now wrap themselves around the stairs in smaller ships and completely block access to the lower deck, essentially doomed the ship. If this happens to your crew, try to load as much saber on the tentacle as you can to get it off in time.

Your tentacle rewards

The Kraken fight is tough, but not really a boss fight. (The Rare folks describe it as more of a force of nature than a storm.) The good news is that prey is thrown due to tentacles. So all you have to do is defeat one tentacle to receive at least a small prize as you can escape with your life and ship intact. Each rundown tentacle drops some octopus meat and a few pieces of valuable loot. Lots of tentacles down, and your reward could be huge. You will also unlock the Kraken Good Job achievement for your troubles.

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