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How to become an Online Analyst for Information Security

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In the digital age, many jobs are less in demand, while others are in greater demand. The information security analyst is a rapidly growing role with no signs of slowing down. While a cybersecurity analyst protects pure online data, an information security analyst also deals with physical systems. This means that data stored in a filing cabinet is the responsibility of the information security analyst.

The terms are often used interchangeably, but many roles cross the boundary between the two. In both cases, you usually work mainly with online information: protecting networks, servers, and computer systems. After all, most of the data is stored here now.

This is one of the best skills you can now incorporate into your repertoire to future-proof your employability, increase your salary, and remain a relevant member of the workforce. Find out what you need to know and how to get started from the comfort of your own home.

Why an Information Security Analyst Is Critical

It should come as no surprise that information security analysts are in demand. Nearly every company stores huge amounts of data today. A business may store the contact information of its customers and customers, and possibly a history of their interactions with the business. Private intellectual property files, finances and plans for the future are also likely to be kept. In addition, it may have collected countless market research or big data data that reflects the behavior and patterns of its audience.

 Information Security

The product or service itself may be about data. This means that the company has nothing to sell if it is the victim of a security breach.

All this information is valuable and can be sold to the right person, so there is a motive for malicious activity. We've all heard of known hacks and privacy breaches, and we've all discovered that online services are "failing" for one reason or another. Employers are now beginning to understand the risks and recognize cybersecurity as an indispensable form of protection.

Given the demand for this highly skilled work, we have all heard of known hacks and data breaches.

The US average pay for an information security analyst is $ 98,710 a year, with the highest paid workers earning $ 151,500 (according to ZipRecruiter). Hundreds of thousands of roles are not filled each year in the US, so there is a great opportunity for a proactive and system-oriented person.

What does an information security analyst do? If you've ever played a computer in a game about hacking or in a cartoon, you might think it 's controlled an avatar and lasers fired while flying through tunnels Reality is much less visually viscous, though you have to think creatively and get into the mind of a hacker. This means that you understand possible alternative uses for software and tools that could pose a security risk. Hacking a system means taking into account all input and determining how it can be used to make the system behave in a way it was never intended to do.

It may also include an understanding of psychology, as social engineering strategies can manipulate humans "wetware" with access to the systems. Think of phishing scams and other methods of gaining access by outsmarting someone.

Daily Security Analyzes

A security analyst sometimes has to react to an active threat or post-mortem act on one. A report will be created describing what happened, how much damage is done and what action can be taken to avoid repeated attacks.

Analysts Will Be Proactive to Prevent Attacks

Analysts work proactively to prevent attacks from the outset. This means that tests (so-called penetration tests) are carried out to ensure that the current security can withstand attacks. This can also mean the execution of simulations. In the simulations "red team, blue team", one team tries to invade the system and another team tries to defend it. This can help to identify problems and shortcomings.

 Hacking on the Laptop

Analysts may also need to perform basic maintenance tasks (for example, make sure that firewalls and anti-malware systems are up to date). and training of employees. You may also be asked to install new systems and to contact IT buyers.

Depending on the nature of the role, you may be asked to do all or some of these roles. Your role could be defined, for example, as a "penetration tester" or as an "incident responder".

Getting Started – Cybersecurity Analyst Qualifications and More

The first question you're likely to answer is: Which? Qualifications and certifications you need to work as an information security analyst. Do you need a degree? Help certifications? What skills help you get jobs?

A college degree is extremely useful and helps you stand out from the competition. Many employers need a degree before they even consider interviewing you! It is often recommended that you earn at least a bachelor's degree in a related subject and ideally a master's degree before pursuing this as a career. That said, this is not a requirement that every organization has, and many analysts will tell you that they were able to secure work without formal qualifications. In that case, it is definitely worth taking a break to train and get certifications.

 Learn Ethical Hacking

Most Useful Cyber ​​Security Certifications and Courses

Recognized certifications can be obtained in your spare time to keep you up to date.

Here are some examples:

  • Pentest +: Comptia Penetration Testing
  • CYSA +: Cyber ​​Security Analyst
  • Security +: Comptia Security Analyst
  • ] GIAC: Global Information Assurance Certification
  • CEH : Certified Ethical Hacker
  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

To learn these topics, you can use sites like Udemy, which provide an extensive repertoire of courses on this topic Information Security. Information Security Management Fundamentals for Non-Tech is a popular course offered for a small fee.

 Developer, Developer, Programmer

Which of these courses you should attend depends on it. It depends, in part, on the type of job you are looking for: on the salary you need , the jobs you address, and the amount of responsibility you want to take on. If you want to work with penetration tests, for example, the Pentest + is relevant.

Of course, the more you learn, the more qualifications you can promote and the more employable you become. If you have a true passion for this subject, there is nothing in your free time to study.

Selecting the type of work you want to perform

A good strategy would be to search the job openings online and read their job descriptions, and note the types of qualifications and experience you need.

Here are some job titles that you might come across:

  • Information Security Specialist
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist
  • Analyst Incident
  • IT Auditor
  • Information Security IT Specialist
  • Pen Tester
  • 19659049] Should you learn to program?

     Learn C # for Android Development

    Many often wonder what they need to do to know how to program to become an information security analyst. Ultimately, it depends on the type of analyst you want to become. Programming is undoubtedly a useful skill because it helps you find and fix code vulnerabilities before they are discovered. For example, a web application can allow users to upload malicious files or make sensitive data available for a short time. Languages ​​like C and C ++, Python, PHP and JavaScript can come in handy.

    Useful languages ​​include C and C ++, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

    However, which languages ​​are important is extremely work-specific. If a company is launching an Android app, it may be useful to know Java and Kotlin, and to be familiar with Android Studio and the Android SDK.

    Other Experiences and Skills for Security Analysts

    Other useful abilities include u understanding of Linux and familiarity with servers and networks. Gaining expertise in these areas can therefore be helpful. This is a great introductory course.

     Learn Linux

    Experience often surpasses even the actual skills. Anything you can do to complete your resume is therefore time consuming. Look for internships, or ask your current employer if you can spend some time in the IT department.

    Self internships are paid with an average salary of $ 57,983.

    In some rare cases, you may be able to start a career as a cybersecurity analyst with no background or education. This can happen if you are in a general "IT role" for a smaller business that is taking more and more security considerations into account. However, this is not a highly recommended career path for someone who wants to earn money online. However, according to glassdoor.com, interns will also receive an average salary of US $ 57,983.

    Information security job search

     Android development tools

    We consider information security analysts to be an example of a future job as it is an industry whose demand, along with our dependence on the industry Information technology will increase. Likewise, this career is well suited to work online anywhere with flexible working hours.

    There are some limitations, however, depending on the type of work you want to do. Many employers require you to work between 9 and 5, while working in a cyber attack may be working overtime. You may be able to negotiate better conditions for yourself if you have found an opportunity that suits your abilities and whose sounds you like.

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    You can find full-time cyber security jobs to work from home wherever you normally look for work, regardless of whether you are looking for work or not They look at LinkedIn websites or job openings.


    As a freelancer, you can take on certain jobs when they emerge. Sites like UpWork, People Per Hour and Toptal list these types of performances and you can then choose the ones that suit you.

     Freelance Online Work

    However, if you sell a service online, you can choose there is always the option to turn the idea upside down and design the service or product that You want to sell . For example, you can promote your services as a pen tester, accountant or consultant, and wait for the orders to reach you. This has the added benefit of not requiring specific skills and qualifications. You can choose these yourself instead, building your portfolio and expertise.

    Concluding Remarks

    There are countless ways to work online as an information security or cybersecurity analyst. If you think logically and creatively, enjoy solving problems, and are interested in technology, this is a good choice.

    Whatever happens, as you learn the basics of information security, you become more valuable to your employer and your company, better equipped for the future of work.

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