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How to Block Spam with Android Messages «Android :: Gadget Hacks

With the growing popularity of smartphones, the number of spam calls has increased year by year. It is one of the most challenging tasks to take control even today, and to make matters worse, they like to use text messaging in the same way. You can block incoming calls, but what about these annoying spam text messages? You can just as easily prevent them.

Since text is more visual and interactive than a simple phone call, the success rate of these types of spam messages is much higher. They use clever methods to give you an answer. For example, the message that a package is being sent to your address will allow you to visit a link and verify your personal information. In a few simple steps, you can block these spammers with Android messages.

Step 1
: Install or Update Android Messages

Many phones come preinstalled with Google's Android News app, but some are not. If your phone is in the latter category, you can always download the app from the Play Store. After installation, the app is simply set as the default SMS app. When prompted to use it as the default SMS app, press "OK."

Step 2: Block and report spam

When you receive a spam text, open the Android News app, and the main screen will display all current ones Messages displayed. Press and hold the annoying message thread, and then tap the crossed-out icon at the top right to trigger the blocking request.

A new window with the number selected for blocking is opened with the option "Report spam" opened by default. To build the database with known wrong numbers, you should report spam as often as possible when you receive a spam message.

Once you tap "OK" to confirm the action, you can do nothing more annoying notifications from this number. The message is reported as spam. This may take a few seconds. It will then be added to your Blocked Numbers list. You must, however, do this one by one for each number. Keep this in mind when performing the operation.

By default, the messages are also archived and can be viewed at any time by tapping the three buttons. Point menu in the upper right corner of the main screen, then "Archived". You can long press to select all archived messages, tap the trash can icon, and then "Delete" to completely remove them from your device, if you so desire.

Depending on how active your number is for the spammers Blocking and reporting these messages may be a chore because they can easily change numbers. Do your best to help, to report all, if you can reduce some of your anger, and hopefully we can regain control over spam messages in due time.

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