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How to Buy a Wireless Keyboard – Review Geek

  The Logitech K400 Plus
The Logitech K400 Plus Logitech

Shopping for wireless keyboards is much more complicated than expected. But between all the weird and wild wireless keyboards, there is one that suits your needs. How to find the right wireless keyboard for you.

What do you use your keyboard for?

Wireless keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are great for playing, while others are for tablets and phones. It's best to think about why you need a wireless keyboard before you buy one. That way, you know what features and form factors to look for.

Here are some common uses for wireless keyboards:

  • Desk Usage : If you plan to leave a wireless keyboard at your desk, you probably want to focus on ergonomics and style. You can also consider additional features such as RGB lighting or Logitech Flow (a platform that lets you use a keyboard on three devices at the same time).
  • Portable use : If you need a wireless keyboard for use with When using your tablet or laptop, focus on slim form factors. You can even consider a tablet keyboard case.
  • On the Couch : Smart TVs or media centers that are virtually connected to computers require a wireless keyboard. In this case we recommend the use of a wireless keyboard with integrated trackpad.
  • Gaming : Most hardcore PC gamers use a mechanical keyboard, sometimes with programmable buttons and RGB adjustment.

If you know why you need a wireless keyboard, it's time to get an idea of ​​the type of keyboard you need. We start with the basics (membrane vs. mechanics) and work down to the last detail (ergonomics and special features).

Basics: Keyboard and port type

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There are two main types of keyboards: diaphragms and mechanics, which differ greatly from one another, and the shape you choose determines what kind of Keyboard you can buy (portable keyboard, ergonomic keyboard, etc.).

Here are some characteristics of membrane and mechanical keyboards:

  • Membrane : Most modern keyboards are membrane keyboards, they are sleek and quiet, but do not have a lot of physical feedback, in other words, they are more like the buttons on your TV remote than the keys of a typewriter ine (and that's not necessarily a bad thing). These keyboards are best for general use and carrying, and you're probably just using one.
  • Mechanical : Mechanical keyboards are modeled on the old, chunky keyboards of yesteryear. They provide a lot of physical feedback and are easy to type, but also make loud clicks. Mechanical keyboards have removable buttons (to allow them to be cleaned and adjusted) and are the most popular among players, authors and computer nerds. They usually have a longer life than membrane keyboards (since they can be taken apart), but are also more expensive.

If you've found out what type of keyboard you're looking for, you should do so Take a moment to think about connection types. Bluetooth is a great option for wireless keyboards (no USB ports are wasted). It pays to look for a keyboard with a USB dongle if you prefer to stay with what you know. (If your computer is not Bluetooth-enabled, you can always purchase a Bluetooth USB adapter.)

It is also noteworthy that some wireless keyboards have rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable batteries do not last as long as AA batteries, but are indispensable for backlit keyboards that can consume a set of batteries relatively quickly.

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Think About Ergonomics

  Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard
The Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard Microsoft

It is believed that ergonomics is only important when you're at the computer all day spend, but that's not quite true. An ergonomic keyboard forces you to maintain your posture, which is essential for any writing session – even if it's a short writing session.

What kind of ergonomic design should you look for in a keyboard? Do you need to buy an ugly monstrosity to benefit from the benefits of ergonomic design, or can you get away with something more restrained?

Well, let's talk about the ergonomic keyboard design. We start with a non-ergonomic design and work our way up to a dull ergonomic keyboard design:

  • Flat Keyboards : Some keyboards lie flat on the tablet. This puts a heavy strain on your wrists and makes typing difficult. Unless you choose a tablet keyboard or a portable keyboard, we recommend avoiding flat keyboards.
  • Oblique Keyboards : Most keyboards are slightly tilted or have built-in stands. A good tilt is probably all you need from a keyboard, even if you're typing all day long (assuming you can keep your wrists straight).
  • Wrist Wrests : A keyboard with built-in palm rests can keep your wrists wrists straight all day long. Of course, you can also buy wristrests for every keyboard.
  • All-Out Ugly : Super-ergonomic keyboards look ridiculous, but they force you to get a great wrist posture. Most are robust and clunky, though some look relatively normal. These keyboards are great for people typing all day, for people with poor wrist posture, or for people who really want to avoid wrist problems.

Again, most people should work with a sloping keyboard. You can, however, opt for a keyboard with wrists or an ergonomic shape when thinking about your wrist posture.

Best ergonomic keyboard

What additional features do you need?

  The CORSAIR K57 RBG Gaming Keyboard
The CORSAIR K57 RBG Gaming Keyboard CORSAIR

If you know which type of keyboard you are looking for, you should consider the extra features and details. Most of these features are very handy and suitable for a variety of tips (on the couch, writing, playing, etc.).

Let's start with portable functions . With these features, keyboards can be taken more easily from home. This is ideal if you are using a laptop or tablet (remember that ridiculously thin keyboards are not always ergonomic):

  • Narrow Keyboards : Ultra-slim membrane keyboards are great for on the go use. However, you can also buy a portable mechanical keyboard if you want to be as loud as possible in public. Any Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, but we recommend using a keyboard pocket or keyboard with a tablet kickstand.
  • Folding and rollable keyboards : Folding and rollable keyboards look a bit unconventional, but are extremely portable. Remember, however, that they feel like toys compared to real keyboards.

Okay, now we come to the peculiarities . These features are not always required, but they may make working with odd computer setups (game setups, multi-computer setups, etc.) a little easier or more enjoyable:

  • Multi-Device Keyboards : Some keyboards At the touch of a button, you can quickly switch between devices. This feature is most robust on keyboards that support Logitech Flow because the connection is maintained in real-time and transfers the contents of the clipboard to all devices.
  • Coffee Keyboards : Some wireless keyboards have built-in touchpads. These are most useful for portable laptop or tablet setups, but are also great for smart TVs or media centers (like a computer connected to your TV).
  • Backlighting and RGB : Backlighting can add a futuristic touch to your keyboard (or help you enter in the dark). Of course, RBG-enabled keyboards can be adapted to the color of your entire computer rig.
  • Customizable Buttons : Some gaming keyboards have customizable macro buttons. These keys are great for completing complicated commands in the game, but they are also useful as a general keyboard shortcut when writing, programming, or surfing the Internet wireless keyboard now that you know what you're looking for. However, if you get stuck or find something strange, remember that the form factor and keyboard functions determine how you can use them. If a keyboard function does not suit your needs (games, portable devices, etc.), the purchase is not worth it.

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