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How to Call 911 from Your Apple Watch in the Event of an Emergency «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you can not reach your iPhone or have it with you, how do you get help from Emergency Services? Unless you have one of those lethal mobile triggers, someone close by, or some amazing telepathic abilities, hope that this is the only answer – unless you're wearing an Apple Watch.

No matter which Apple Watch model you own One of the biggest advantages is the "Emergency SOS" function. In the United States, once activated, the Apple Watch will automatically call the emergency 911 emergency services and send the emergency coordinates to your current location, if possible.

If you travel overseas, your Apple Watch will call the local emergency service. However, in some countries, such as China, you must first call the police, the fire department or an ambulance.

How Different Apple Watches Call Emergency Services

If you have a newer Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + cellphone) model, you do not need your iPhone nearby to make an emergency call. Technically speaking, you do not even need a mobile service provider to call the emergency number just as you would not need it with an iPhone, but it does not work so smoothly. In addition to being able to record your runs and make calls, this is the main reason for investing in a Series 3 model with wireless capabilities, not just GPS.

For other Apple Watch models, you need to connect your iPhone, which also requires a cellular connection. Alternatively, if there is no mobile signal, an Enhanced 91

1 (E911) call can be made over Wi-Fi as long as you have "Wi-Fi Calling" enabled on your iPhone. As long as you have "Wi-Fi Calling" enabled on your iPhone, you do not have to be near the iPhone to call E911 – your Apple Watch only needs to be connected to a popular 802.11b / g / n 2.4 GHz Wi -Fi Network

  • Apple Watch Series 3: Can make 911 calls over its own mobile connection. Can make E911 calls with Wi-Fi enabled, with or without iPhone nearby, as long as there is a connection to a well-known Wi-Fi network.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS): Can make 911 calls over connected iPhones mobile. Can make E911 calls with enabled Wi-Fi calls, with or without iPhone nearby, as long as there is a connection to a well-known Wi-Fi network
  • Apple Watch Series 2: Can make 911 calls over the connected iPhone -Mobile radio network. Can make E911 calls with Wi-Fi enabled, with or without iPhone nearby, as long as there is a connection to a well-known Wi-Fi network.
  • Apple Watch Series 1: Can make 911 calls over the connected iPhone mobile network. Can make E911 calls with enabled Wi-Fi calls, with or without iPhone nearby, as long as there is a connection to a well-known Wi-Fi network.

AT & T, C Spire, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon Wireless support E911 calls over Wi-Fi. However, emergency calls over Wi-Fi may not be supported outside the United States.

Make sure Wi-Fi calls are enabled on your iPhone

Whether or not you have an Apple Watch with cellular capability, you can "I want to enable Wi-Fi Calling" to receive E911 calls This is particularly important if you do not have your iPhone near you during an emergency because your Apple Watch can use an existing trusted Wi-Fi network nearby to call emergency services. [19659002MakesurethisisthecaseSetuptheSettingsapponyouriPhonethenselectPhonethenWi-FiCallsthentapWi-FiCallingonthisiPhonetoturnitonifitisnotalreadyactivated

After you press the Shift key, you will be notified with a confirmation prompt that contains details about this setting complete.

When you're back on the Wi-Fi Calls screen, you should select "Update Emergency Address" to make sure the address matches your location. Use this as a base if you can not find your exact coordinates , If you are in your hometown, your home address is probably best here. If you travel, maybe your hotel information.

Make sure that & # 39; Hey Siri & # 39; Working on Your Apple Watch

As you'll see, one way to call the 911 with your Apple Watch is the "Hey Siri" command, but this only works if you have "Hey Siri" turned on. To make sure it's turned on, go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch, and then tap General. Next, select "Siri", then make sure that "Hey Siri" is on.

If you can not turn it on, you probably turned off Siri on your iPhone. While "Hey Siri" does not have to be activated on your iPhone, Siri has to work for it to work on your Apple Watch. On your iPhone, open Settings and select "Siri & Search". On the next screen, make sure "Press Home for Siri" or "Push Side Button for Siri" is checked. If not, tap on it and then "Enable Siri" in the popup. Then try again to enable "Hey Siri" on your Apple Watch.

Set your emergency settings

When it comes to calling emergency calls, there are two options, depending on how you set it up. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, and then choose General. Select "Emergency SOS" from the list of displayed options.

Here are two options. If "Hold on auto call" is on, you only need to press and hold the side button on your watch for about five seconds. If this is off, you can only press and hold the side key to bring up the option to activate an emergency call by swiping.

An is probably the best option, as pressing in some emergencies, such as the water, is a surefire way to make the call while wiping on the screen may not work properly because of the capacity.

If you want a close relative or friend to be contacted automatically about an emergency, you can set up an emergency contact in the health app on your iPhone.

After a call to 911 has ended, this contact (or contacts) will be received You SMS with your current location – even if "Location Services" is not canceled – although you can cancel this if it's nothing too serious. You can also get regular updates if your location changes, which can help you find you in the hospital when you arrive there, if that's the case.

Calling 911 from your Apple Watch

Having everything set up and ready to go call 911 or another emergency service is super easy, and there are a few ways to do it, depending on how you handle things set up.

If you have activated "Hold on Auto Call" above, long press the side button on your watch. Hold for a long time until a successful call has been made. The power menu will appear briefly, then a countdown of "3" will begin, prompting you with a sound and vibration. When the countdown has expired, the call will be made.

This other way works regardless of whether "Hold on automatic call" is on or off. Just press and hold the side button, and when the power menu is displayed, swipe the Emergency SOS slider to the right to call immediately.

If for any reason you can not reach your watch's button, you can also use Siri use to call 911 for you. After you send "Hey Siri, call 911" to your Apple Watch, a countdown will start and the call will run after five seconds. You can also tap "Call" to do it immediately or "Cancel" to finish it.

If you can not speak, the emergency services may still be able to locate you after you call have made. You can also use Siri to write an emergency message to 911, but very few call centers in the US can handle emergency text, and you'll get an answer saying to call 911 instead.

Learn which tapes the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + mobile phone) uses To make calls, depending on where you purchased yours See, see Apple's website

How emergency calls can track you

After you call the emergency number, you should tell him where you are first You can pinpoint even if the call arrives cut off. But if you can not speak, how do you know where you are?

There is no easy way to tell exactly what will happen in any scenario, as different operators use different technologies to communicate with public safety answering machines, and these call centers may or may not be equipped for to process each carrier, if any, wireless extended 911 calls. Keep in mind that if you have a mobile phone call from an Apple Watch to the 911 call, you may be able to use the watch's mobile features or use the nearby iPhone's mobile network.

  • When you call a mobile operator's hotspot Wirelessly, the 911 call is likely to be routed to the 911 communications center that serves the area of ​​that hotspot, and this hotspot can serve as the basis for finding you.
  • When you make a Wi-Fi call over another trusted network, the call center may use your "emergency number" that you added when setting up Wi-Fi calls. Always make sure that it is up to date.
  • When you make the call over a cellular network, you get u (19659047) In some cases, the call center can "reschedule" or update the data to get a more accurate location, thanks to AGPS and other technologies Call via a mobile network.
  • If an approximate location is unreachable The call center can use your "emergency number" that you added when setting up Wi-Fi calls. Always make sure that it is up to date.

You can contact AT & T, C Spire, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon Wireless to learn more about how each carrier handles 911 calls at its end.

If you do not respond when the police or emergency physicians come to you, they can use your "Medical ID" on your Apple. Be sure to see basic information about you, such as: Age, weight, drug allergies, etc., if you previously added this information in iOS. You can add medical ID information through the health app on your iPhone.

After the 911 call has ended, your emergency contacts (if any) will receive texts with your location information, and may still receive updates to your location

Real world examples of how Apple Watch saves lives

John Dovgins muscles gave way when he brought his boat to Lake Michigan with his wife in late April 2018. He fell into the cold water and was in danger of drowning. John's wife, Mary, threw him a lifebuoy to hold on, but also went into the water to make sure he was not drowned. She was able to bring emergency crews there to help John pull John out of the water after using Siri on their Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) to call 911 on his cellular network.

A few months ago Kacie Anderson was stopped by a red light when her car was hit by a drunken driver. She and her child were thrown around in the car before it came to a stop. After not finding her iPhone after the crash, she called the page button on her Apple Watch to call the emergency number. The child had only minor injuries, but Kacie suffered a severe concussion, brain swelling and bulging discs. In April 2017, Casey Bennet drove to class when he was hit by another driver who reversed his jeep and caused him to be caught by the seatbelt and the deployed airbag.

His iPhone was out of reach, but he was able to call for help with the long key combination on his Apple Watch 911.

These are just a few instances where the Apple Watch has saved lives.

Preventing Accidental 911 Calls from Apple Watch

As helpful as emergency SOS is, it has a drawback. If the "Hold on automatic call" option is on, which is the default position, you may accidentally call 911 while you sleep. If you're a light sleeper, the loud noises and vibrations during the countdown should wake you up, but if you're a deep sleeper, you can make an unintentional distress call.

There are many stories from Apple Watch the police emerge unexpectedly. Some triggered the call while sleeping, others triggered it when he changed the watch straps. To prevent this, make sure "Keep on auto call" is off.

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