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How to care for your lawn in the summer

The health of your lawn is determined by your irrigation and mowing techniques. For example, too much water can make the grass turn yellow and too little mowing can make your lawn brown.

Although there are many different types of grass, they all have similar guidelines for lawn care during the summer. Here's what you need to know to keep your lawn green, even if your thumb is not.

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How do I prepare your lawnmower for the season?


Make Your Own Mulch

When mowing your lawn, it's important that the grass clippings do not leak into lumps that could choke the lawn. If you want to make the most of your cutting machines, check out a Mulch Lawn Mower . These mowers cut the blades of grass into small pieces that fit into the lawn and become a healthy mulch for your garden. Mulch holds moisture in the ground and keeps the grass cool. As it decomposes, it also acts as a natural fertilizer.

If you're not looking for a new mower, you can still mulch with a standard bagless lawnmower. After mowing, allow the cut to dry a bit and then go back over it with the mower. This will cut the blades of grass into a finer mulch.

Carefully Cut

If you're the type who believes a perfect lawn is 1 to 2 inches high, then you'll need to rethink your cutting plan this summer. The ideal height is actually 4 inches. The longer blade length helps the grass store more water and grow the grass deep.

Also, make sure your lawnmower blades are sharpened early in the season. With blunt blades, you'll end up with frayed grass ends that can make your lawn unhealthy and ultimately kill you.

Not sure they need to be sharpened? If blades of grass have serrated ends after a cut, the blades are dull. You can get your local lawnmower workshop to sharpen the blades, or you can do with these tips yourself .

Give your lawn time to recover

If you also mow things. Cutting in the middle of the day can lead to burning and brown spots. Wait until evening for the blades of grass to have time to recover overnight before being hit with intense heat and sunlight again.

Water right

Many people over water, which can lead to ugly yellow grass. At most sites, grass only needs 1 inch of water per week to be healthy, and that includes rain.

So that your grass gets enough water, do the foot test . Walk over your lawn and look behind you. If the blades of grass do not pop up after entering, it is time to water. When they jump back, your grass is well watered.

As if you are making your grass, if you are water, it is also important. The best time to water is in the evening when it cools outside. This prevents the water from evaporating in the hot sun before the lawn and soil can drink. Here are a few tips for irrigation for the perfect lawn .

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