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How to Change the Background and Chat Bubble Colors in All Your Message Chats for a Custom Look «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

One of the more competitive aspects of chat apps these days is customizability. It seems that every messenger wants to offer the largest number of options for users to make the app feel like a truly personal experience. Telegram is no stranger to customization and offers tools that allow you to select background and balloon colors.

Fortunately, these features are pretty much the same for both iOS and Android. So regardless of which type of phone you use, you can use the same color and background options. These options apply to the entire telegram and can not be adjusted per call. The only difference concerns the speech bubbles. If you're using iOS, you can easily customize the color of the chat bubbles. However, on Android, you must dive into the topic editor to change these options (more on that below).

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. Customizing Warehouse Backgrounds

First, you need to go to the Settings window, which contains all the options we'll cover. On Android, tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper-left corner, choose Settings, tap Chat Settings, then Chat Background. In iOS, tap the Settings tab at the bottom right, choose Appearance, and then tap Chat Background.

Although the order If the chat background options are different on both platforms, you will find the same 47 backgrounds, whether you are working with iOS or iOS Android. You can tap on any of these backgrounds to open a preview window. Here you can set whether to blur the image by tapping "Blurs" (if available). Tapping on "Motion" will give the picture a movement effect. When you tap these options, the results appear in the preview window.

On iOS, you can swipe left or right on the preview image to switch to other images.

Share wallpapers with other telegram users

When you tap Share With the (iOS) or Forward (Android) button at the top right, you can send your wallpaper settings to telegram buddies Chats you can select by typing You can select any or all of these chats.

If you do not see a contact or group to whom you want to send the background, you can search for chats by clicking "Sen on "(Android) or on the magnifying glass (iOS). You can add a message to your wallpaper by tapping Write Comment … (Android) or Add Comment (iOS). When you're done, tap the Submit button (Android) or Submit button (iOS).

You also have other sharing options. If you want to send a friend a link to the background on the platform of your choice, disable all chats here and tap "Copy Link". On iOS, you can also tap the Share button in the upper right corner of the action sheet to open the Extended Sharing Activity view.

2. Search for backgrounds

If you do not like one of the backgrounds available here, you can always search for new ones. First, tap the magnifying glass (Android) or "Browse Wallpapers" (iOS). Here are a number of color options. Touch one to see a rolling feed with backgrounds based on your color picker. Press the "X" to return to the color options. You can also manually search for backgrounds to more accurately determine the types of images you want.

When you find a wallpaper you want, you can tap it to preview it. Here you'll find the same preview controls as before, including blurry and motion. On iOS, you can pinch and pan the background to customize it.

You can not share this wallpaper on this screen, but if you save your selection, you may like the other backgrounds. To save your wallpaper, tap Set. This not only saves your background in your telegram account, but also sets the background for your existing chats.

You will be returned to the options for the custom look Chat background back. Here you can treat this new background like any other.

3. Choose your own photo as background

If none of the options from Telegram are suitable for you, you can always upload your own photo as background. In the chat background screen, tap Select from Gallery (Android) or Choose from Photos (iOS). Then choose one of your pictures. As soon as you do this, Telegram will load it into the preview as described above.

. 4 Setting a color as a background

If you do not want to have a picture as a background, you can specify a spot color instead. On the main page of the chat background, tap Set Color. Here you can choose from 33 different solids. Tap a color and it will load into the typical preview window, but "blurry" will not be displayed here. Instead, "pattern" is displayed on both platforms.

Tap "Pattern" (Pattern) and you will see options that will turn your color into an interesting patterned background. You have six pattern options that do not include the spot color option itself. Tap each item to preview. You can use the intensity slider below to display more or less of the pattern. The further the slider is moved to the right, the more the motif is displayed.

5. Setting a Custom Color Background

If none of the default color options do it for you, you can set a custom color to virtually anything. To access these options on Android, you must first select a base color from the 33 options. Then tap "Color" in the preview window. On iOS, tap Set Custom Color instead of selecting a color first.

On Both Platforms you will find three color tools. Android displays "Hex Color Code", which allows you to enter a code for a particular color. a color wheel that makes it easy to find a specific hue; and a Brightness slider that lets you control the brightness of the color on a scale from 0 to 255.

On iOS, the tools are set up differently, but they work the same way for the most part. At the top you will find the hexadecimal color code option in which you can enter a color code. You will notice that the color wheel is now a rectangle. Drag the circle around the color palette to find a specific hue. The brightness control is located at the bottom of this screen. You can drag the slider to the left to lighten the color, or to the right to darken it.

As usual, you can share your color options with other backgrounds before saving them. On Android, tap the Share button or on iOS, tap the Share button. When you're done with your custom color, tap "Save" on Android and "Set" on iOS.

6. Manage Wallpapers

If you want to share or delete your wallpapers, first press and hold on a background (Android) or tap "Edit" (iOS). Now select one of the backgrounds you want to share or delete. To share your selections, tap the Share (Android) or Share (iOS) button. There you will see the same sharing settings as mentioned earlier. Tap the trash to clear your selection. On Android, tap OK or on iOS, tap Delete [X] Wallpapers to confirm the deletion called Reset Chat Wallpapers. This option restores the original settings of your chat wallpapers. Tap this option and then click Reset on Android or Reset Chat Wallpapers on iOS.

7. Customizing Speech Bubbles

The way telegram handles balloon colors between iOS and Android varies widely. You'll find that on iOS, Telegram provides an easy way to control the color of chat bubbles while immersing you in the somewhat complicated custom theme editor on Android. Here is a quick look:

If you are using iOS, go to the general settings for "Appearance". Then tap "Accent Color". Here you can choose from eight color options. This not only changes the color of your speech bubbles, but also other colors throughout the app. When you tap an option, these effects appear immediately.

Telegram on Android is more complicated. First, tap the vertical ellipses in the top right corner and then tap "Create a new theme". In the popup, tap Create Theme, give your topic a name, and then tap OK.

Then tap the "Editor" button in the upper right corner. Here you will find all telegram elements that you can adapt. For our purposes we want to stay with the options for the chat bubble. You will see options for your speech bubble, the shadow of your speech bubbles, the color of your speech bubble when selected, your friend's speech bubble, its shadow, etc. There are many options here, but this gives you plenty of room to play.

Tap one of these options. You'll see the color wheel of yesteryear with a slider for the dark and one for the bright gradient. Adjust the colors as needed and tap Save.

Your new color change appears in the item list. Touch "Save topic". The color changes may not be displayed immediately in the preview here in telegram. If you tap another topic in the following list and then tap your new topic, the preview will be put into action.

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