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How to Change the Chat Color in Messenger Threads to Personalize a Entertainment «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Blue has defined the color scheme of Facebook from the beginning. Both the main Facebook app and the Messenger theme are blue, which means that your chat bubbles, such as emoji, and menu bar items are also blue. It's certainly a satisfying color for chats, but you may get tired of it after a while, especially if it's in every thread. Fortunately, Facebook lets you customize the color of individual messenger chats.

Messenger introduced color customization in December 201

5. The feature is relatively old, but it has grown and evolved to provide both new color options and fun gradient options. The only thing is that anyone in the conversation can change the color theme for the chat. So if you change it to orange, the other person can change it to a blue / red gradient and you can argue between topics. 19659003] Changing colors in a chat thread is easy. First, open the thread that you want to recolor. Then tap the top of your friend's name or the group name. On Android, you can also tap the Info (i) button in the upper right corner to go to the same place. In either case, tap Color on the next screen.

A series of options are displayed , a total of 16 at this time. The first five options are color gradients, the colors of which change as you scroll through a thread. The other 11 are solid colors. Tap an option to set the color for the chat immediately.

Everyone in the chat receives a notification that they have changed the color, regardless of whether they are on an iPhone or Android phone. Danger. It may be a lively brawl. Once you select the color, Messenger will close the color picker. However, you can quickly tap "color" again if you change your mind.

When you're done, you return to your chat. You will see that the entire theme has been changed to your new color scheme. Also present is a warning in the conversation that is either:

  • "You have the color on [its color icon] Edit " (on iOS)
  • "You have changed the chat colors. [Its color icon] Change You "(on Android)

It pops up every time you change the color. And if someone else changed the sound, "you" is replaced by his name. If you want to quickly improve your color, tap Edit or Modify, and Messenger will bring up the color menu directly in your thread.

Remember that your friends will receive a notification each time You change the colors. On the other hand, your friends can change the colors at any time.

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