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How To Change the "Number Switched to Primary" Error on iPhone XS XS Max Fixes «iOS u. IPhone :: Device Hacks

The iPhone X S and X S Max are barely a month old, yet both have a serious problem in the news. When you send SMS / MMS text to a friend, not an iMessage, the phrase "number changed to primary" is displayed in front of each message. What gives? If this problem drives you insane, there are a few tricks that can destroy the bug until Apple manages to issue a patch.

First, smart observers or those complaining to friends will see that this only affects the iPhone X S and X S Max. Models. All other models, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, remain immune to this annoying news. Why only the X S and X S Max?

This bug is somehow caused by the dual SIM capabilities of X ] and X S Max. Since the iPhone X R has the same technology, it will also be affected. Apple announced dual SIM support during its presentation in September 201

8, but the dual SIM feature will only be available as of iOS 12.1, which currently has no official release date.

Option 1: Reset iMessage & FaceTime

It is reported that resetting iMessage and FaceTime settings can resolve the "Amended Too Primary" issue, even though this issue occurs only with non-iMessage text messages. Still, it's worth a shot.

To reset iMessage, go to the "Messages" settings and then tap the button next to "iMessage" so that it turns off. To reset FaceTime, go to "FaceTime" in Settings and then tap the button next to "FaceTime" so that it is off. Next, wait 30-60 seconds and then activate both switches again.

Now go back to your non-iMessage chat and send another message. If you continue to receive the "Number in Primary" instruction, proceed to the next possible solution.

Option 2: Soft Reset your iPhone

Your iPhone is really just a computer. Sometimes computers are blocked and need to be restarted to solve problems. It's not likely, but try a soft reset on your iPhone, so turn the device off and on again to see if your problem disappears.

Option 3: Hard Reset Your iPhone

This part is never fun; If you have a bug that does not break loose, performing a hard reset (aka force restart) on your iPhone is a serious but necessary nuclear option. This reset will erase all data from your iPhone – photos, messages, notes, and anything else you do on your device. If you want to continue, make sure you have backed up all important data. Anything that has not been saved will be lost after recovery.

We recommend that you keep all app data that you can associate with iCloud to really make sure your iPhone's software is responsible for the error, you will not want to restore your iPhone to a previous backup. If your data is saved to iCloud, it means that you can retrieve data from your iCloud account on the restored iPhone.

You can ensure that your data is stored in iCloud by tapping your name Select "iCloud" and make sure all relevant data is enabled on apps with iCloud .

To completely reset your iPhone, open Settings, tap General, scroll down, and tap Reset. Select "Delete all content and settings" here. If your iPhone has not been backed up lately, you might get a reminder to back up. Tap "Clear Now", enter your passcode and tap "Delete iPhone" when prompted.

Let your iPhone completely erase. When it starts up again, go through the initial setup, but make sure that you choose "Set as new" when prompted. This will help to ensure that the problem is not related to the software on your iPhone. If you still encounter the error, you can:

Option 4: Install iOS 12.1 Beta

Dual SIM functionality comes to iPhone X p and iPhone X S Max as an update in iOS 12.1. Although there is no official release date for 12.1, the software is currently available for beta testing for any iPhone owner who wishes to sign up. If you want to see if the beta solves your problems, try it.

If you have none See the tips above, you may have to wait until Apple officially releases iOS 12.1. It's frustrating, but in the meantime, just tell your friends on Android devices that you will not be able to receive them via SMS for a while.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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