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How to change the phone carriers without paying premature termination fees

  How to Change the Telephone Provider Switched by Your Mobile Service Provider

Earlier smartphone termination fees are a thing of the past with telephone rate plans. AT & T was the last of the four major carriers to end two-year contracts for smartphones. If you still have a two-year contract, you will be charged early termination fees. However, you still have to pay for the rest of your device before you switch the device or turn it on again.

But how do you exchange cell phone carriers? How do you use the current cash incentives? And is it possible that new customers stay on their old phone? We have put together a guide to switching telephone companies, including canceling mobile contracts, without paying the early termination fee.

Note: Before doing anything, we recommend you to backup your important data. Telephone providers can "port" some of your data to new providers, but it's always a good idea to secure yourself. How to secure your iPhone or Android phone. In addition, when switching from mobile service providers, you will most likely need to replace your current phone. Here are a few steps to pave the way for liberation from your current carrier.

Getting Started

Comparing Wireless Providers

Before you make drastic decisions, you should first compare all plans of the carriers. Here are some points to consider:

  • Cost: How much does your service plan cost each month? This includes minutes, messages and data. Most freight forwarders charge fees. For example, Verizon calculates $ 15 per GB. AT & T did it earlier, but there is a plan called Mobile Share Advantage that does not include such fees (though your data speed will have a hit). Instead, T-Mobile is the cheapest of the major airlines and has no fees. Instead, the un-carrier reduces its speed after you've exceeded your limit. Sprint does not charge extra. Do not worry because we've compressed all the numbers. Take a look at our best cell phone plan guide.
  • Network: It is also important to consider what kind of coverage you can expect from any network operator. Verizon and AT & T have the best coverage, though T-Mobile and Sprint are not far behind. T-Mobile and Sprint are known for their rural deficiencies, but they are characterized by cities.
  • Telephone Selection: It is very difficult to buy a phone from one network operator and transport it to another (unless it is an iPhone). AT & T has the widest range of cell phones, although all four have the most popular devices from Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC and others.

AT & T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon

Researching phones and plans

Do you need a big screen and a high-end camera? Do you need the latest operating system? Decide in advance what is important. Then find in our list of the best smartphones, which phone and which network operators are best suited for you. Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are now ready to pay your premature termination fee or part of your remaining balance to pay by phone when changing your network (details can be found on their respective website). Before changing, it is always good to reread your current phone plan and compare it to your desired new plan.

Since two-year contract plans are no longer available, you must select a monthly telephone rate plan. If you previously had a two-year contract, you pay a one-time subsidized fee and the phone is yours. For example, the iPhone cost you AT & T and Verizon a 200 percent down payment on biennial plans before the contract expires. That's over $ 500 less than the price without a contract. Now you do not have this option when you receive a new plan.

Here's how your new monthly payment plan will work:

  • No monthly contract payments: All major airlines offer plans that require little or no prepayment Instead, you pay out the full price of your phone over 24 months.
    • Pros: Almost $ 0 in advance (you still have to pay the taxes when you sign), no two-year contract, no additional upgrade costs, lower device fee.
    • Disadvantages: You must pay the full price of your phone.

Some freight forwarders, such as Sprint, also offer leasing programs where you pay less than the entire amount of the leased phone over a 12-month period and an instant upgrade to a new phone when it comes out. The leasing program is aimed at iPhone lovers who need the latest and best iPhone every year. However, Sprint also offers other smartphones from Samsung and other well-known devices. For more information about the various leasing programs from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT & T, see the links below.

Get an Quote from the Service Provider

Getting an offer takes minutes. You can get offers on each operator's website by simply buying a phone. When you select a phone, a menu is displayed that lists the prices of various service plans. They give you a monthly estimate, but read the fine print on the fees for too many sums and other hidden fees.

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, check out our tips on cheap plans available.

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