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How to change your font in Slack

Thanks to this tweet today I learned how to change the font in Slack. And to be honest, I’m more than happy to discovered this on a Friday because I’ve spent the last hour trying out ridiculous fonts just to realize it I didn’t know how to reset it.

If you’d like to try this out for yourself, just tap to do it / slackfont followed by the name of a font you have locally. Yes, / slackfont Comic Sans MS works. It does / slackfont Wingdings. You need to make sure that you enter what the font is named locally for you / slackfont Comic Sans will not work; It must be / slackfont Comic Sans MS. After some quick googling and frantic updating of the twitter thread, I found that to reset the default font, all you have to do is type something / slackfont and press Enter.

While it’s fun to play around with, I appreciate the standard font that Slack uses. It highlights the amount of thought that goes into making sure that the thickness, kerning, and size of a font are optimal for the environment in which it will be displayed. Changing the font to an old font is a great way to show how a font can actually fail and look bad in one environment, even if it looks good elsewhere.

Here are a few screenshots of my favorites:

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