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How to Change Your Name and Look (Updated)

  PUBG Mobile name change and manifestation change explanation
Avid gamers dive into PUBG Mobile on Android, as one of the most popular Battle Royale games is an excellent PC-to-mobile transition.

The game is great, but it's not perfect. Take advantage of my experience setting up my PUBG mobile account, my name and my appearance. As soon as I logged in to Facebook and logged in, my account name became my Facebook name: TristanRayner. Ouch.

Who plays with her real name? Nobody, that's who. And what did I think when I did not adjust my appearance?

If you're like me, you want to know how to change your name into PUBG Mobile and how it looks. That's how it's done.

How to Reset Your Appearance

The good news is that you can easily reset your appearance. Tencent Games knows that you want to change your look to keep things fresh. The catch is that you must first earn up to 3,000 BP – one of the game currencies or loot – to do this.

If you have the money, just follow these instructions:

 PUBG Mobile Appearance Change 2019

  1. Open the app on the Home screen (Main Menu).
  2. Select Inventory from the menu below.
  3. Touch The "Reset Appearance" arrows that appear next to your character.
  4. Make the desired changes to your character and tap OK .
  5. Type Buy to confirm that you want to spend the BP on the change. The exact amount depends on the desired changes.

  PUBG Mobile App Cost Change

How to Change Your Name

Back to my original problem: How to change your name in PUBG Mobile once you have done this set it?

For the longest time you could not. The game did not contain any method to change your name after you set it.

Fortunately, after a series of updates, they added a method once a day to change their name: rename cards! How they work:

  1. Open the app on the Home screen (Main Menu).
  2. Select Inventory from the menu below.
  3. Tap the symbol on the right.
  4. Tap the rename card (if available) and tap . Use .
  5. Enter your ] new name and type OK . You can only change your name once a day.

  PUBG Mobile Name Change ID

How to get rename cards

How exactly do you get rename cards? Well, you probably already have some! They are available as rewards as you level up, and some were given as free rewards when the feature was first implemented.

For those of you who are not so lucky, you will have to buy 180UC to buy a single buy card in the store. That's about $ 5, depending on where you are in the world. You can also earn a small amount of UC by moving up the ranks of the Royale Pass each season.

How to pay more BP for a change of appearance

Currently you can not buy BP in the app, only to earn BP to buy is not yet a "feature" in the game. Monetization of the game currency used for unlocking is designed to be similar to almost any free-to-play game currently available. The current purchase options are a bit strange.

If you need BP in the meantime, there are many ways to do it in-game.

The biggest we've found so far is linking your Facebook account, which grants you 2000BP. With concerns about privacy on Facebook, you may have some concerns about this issue, but it's up to you.

There are also many other small tasks that will keep you busy to unlock BP. For example, a mailbox feedback survey was offered for 188 BP. That's a simple thing.

Other PUBG Mobile Resources:

For most others, you need to continue playing regularly. There are daily and weekly missions that allow you to unlock boxes that offer BP. This can be as simple as playing a game for the day, down to the top 10. Some are easy, others require a bit more work and effort.

When you play the game, you will unlock more boxes and more loot and BP. There are also events that are often time-based and quite generous. You get 200bps by playing three games in a squad or by logging in for a week every day. Multiple Royale Pass Rewards are consistent amounts of BP or BP cards that double the BP gain for one hour.

For top players, there is also a ranking system that spans a season, with skill levels and uniquely cosmetic rewards for your rank. The seasons currently last about two months and there is plenty of time to beat the ranks.

There are numerous online sites that talk about hacks and cheats to get BP – we would suggest that this will probably cause you to lose your account in the end. Do you remember when everyone who knocked out Fortnite was banned? Good times.

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