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How To Change Your Tile Colors In Words With Friends And Highlight Your Words «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

In Words with Friends, you can add some flair to your gameplay by changing the color of your tiles. If your opponent does not choose the same color or design, your words played on the board will be highlighted. It's a great tool if you want to get a quick look at all the words you've played in a game, but it also adds a level of personalization to Words with Friends.

Zynga calls the feature "Tile Styles" and the style range from monochrome to vibrant patterns and geometric gem-like qualities. You unlock different Mystery Boxes styles you've won through Daily Goals, Daily Word Plays, Solo Challenges, and In-Game Events. After unlocking a style, you must earn its materials before you can use it. These materials, mostly paint drops, are also sourced via Mystery Boxes. Once you have enough color for a particular tile, you can start using the style on the board.

While the game says you instantly use tile styles by adding coins to missing color drops, there are currently none available This is not available in any of the Android or iOS versions of Words with Friends. However, once you've unlocked a style, you can "favor" it from your "inventory" to increase the likelihood that you'll complete all of its colors faster.

To change the color of your tiles, you can do so in games or through your inventory.

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Option 1: Change your tile style during a game

If you have already unlocked and completely painted tile styles, you can change them in almost any game. Click the "More" button in the game's toolbar and then choose "Tile Styles" from the menu. Next scroll through the available tile styles, press "turn on" for the desired one and exit the menu.

If you change your tiling style in the game, the tiling style changes in all your other games as well. However, tile styles are not supported in Lightning Rounds.

Option 2: Change your tiling style from the inventory.

The other way to change the aesthetics of your tiles is to use your inventory. On the main Games tab in the app, tap the top profile bar and select the Inventory tab. Browse through the available styles under your tile styles and click "turn on" for the desired one, and that will now be set for all your games (minus lightning laps).

The Inventory tab also has a section for In Progress that specifies how much more material is required to use particular tile styles. When you see one that you really want to use, tap on it to favor it (ie, add a heart symbol), and you can gain materials for this tile faster than usual.

Custom tile styles are not only used in games but also on the main page displayed. "Games" section Your turn . However, only the tiles of your opponent are displayed, and the displayed color or design is the tile style you used to play the word, even if you changed it later. So it would work for your opponent if you look at your last moves.

Tile styles can never be deleted or removed from your inventory, but if you want to change them, use one of the options above. To restore the default color, choose the "Classic" style, the default for all games.

You can also disable the Tile Styles feature altogether. On your profile page, tap Settings. Alternatively, in the Inventory section, tap the gear icon next to your tile styles . Next, turn off "Show Tile Styles" at Gameplay & Sounds . This not only returns your tiles, but also your opponent's tiles to the "Classic" ones.

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