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How to Check Your Internet Speed

Does your ISP deliver the promised data speeds? Is there any way to find out? Should you just take her word for it? The answer to these questions is: "We will see", "YEP!" And "BRIGHT NO!" We can say that because you have access to free tools that build your personal connection.

One important tip: Before you run any of these tests, make sure 1) that you disable all your downloads or uploads system and 2) disable your VPN software for the duration of the test. Both increase the connection costs considerably. You will get a more accurate measurement when the only traffic to the Internet and back is from the test you are performing.

Ookla Speedtest

A quick and easy way to test your internet speed is to use . Ookla Speedtest owned by PCMag parent company, Ziff Davis. It measures the time it takes to transfer data between your computer and a remote server through your local ISP connection.

We have a PCMag version of Ookla Speedtest that you can use anytime, even on a mobile device. We use the data collected to identify the fastest ISPs in the US and Canada.

 PCMag Speed ​​Test

However, the real benefit of using Speedtest.net comes from the creation of an account. With an account, you can change settings, such as For example, you can select a server for testing and set it permanently so that it will be saved on every visit. You can view your entire test history to see how your Internet connection changes over time. This is useful if you are upgrading or downgrading and want to see the changes in real life, not just on an invoice.

Speedtest is still practical even without an account. Use the mobile apps to test on your smartphone (iOS, Android). It detects your location and connects you to a local speedtest server. All you have to do is click on the "Start" button. It takes less than a minute for the whole process to complete and you can see how it develops in real time.

 Ookla Speedtest.net

After completing the upload and download speed of your connection, check the measured speed at megabits per second (Mbps). You can share the information through social media by clicking on the social media buttons . There is also a chain icon that you can use to attach a link that you can post anywhere, embed as a picture or web link, or even embed in a page as follows:

Run the test a couple of times over and over again Clicking the Go button The data speed varies from test to test depending on network congestion at a specific time.

If you ran the data a couple of times, put these numbers in the context: Click on the "Results" link. Even without an account, Speedtest allows you to compare your results to global average speeds. Click the tab to switch from download to upload speed. If you have used more than one connection (say you've been home from a hotspot and have run tests in both locations) or multiple linked servers, click "Filter Results" to restrict the tests / servers you use want to show. 19659002]  Speedtest Global Index

To compare your speeds with the rest of the world, visit the Speedtest Global Index, which provides average throughput for mobile and fixed broadband connections around the world. Many ISPs run a version of Speedtest on their own servers to test customer connections. These tests become part of the speedtest record used to create the global index and other elements. For example, we used global datasets to determine the fastest national Wi-Fi.

Other Speed ​​Options

Speedtest is not the only city game in which internet connectivity can be measured. There are others who are worth trying, and the more you test, the better your options will be if you contact an ISP for complaints about your rated speed.

For example, Netflix, which has a strong interest in using the Internet, its customers are lightning fast – has its own speed test. Visit FAST.com and you do not even have to click on a button. An instant download speed test will start. You can click for more results, get latency, upload test results, and instantly share data on Facebook or Twitter. However, with FAST.com you can not select the server you are testing on. There is also a FAST Speed ​​Test App for iOS and Android.


SpeedOf.Me does not look as polished as Speedtest or Fast.com, but many would call that a selling point. This small, nimble test works on mobile devices and on the desktop. If you run multiple tests, a history is displayed below. It also provides an "instant look" chart when the test runs multiple downloads and uploads. It has 116 servers (and counts) throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South America and a few in Australia – it selects the fastest server, not necessarily the nearest server.

 SpeedOf.Me [19659021] Go to your <strong> search engine of your choice </strong> – if these options are Google or Bing – and look for the term "speed test". Both will display a test at the top of the search results. </p>
<p>  Bing's test even looks like a speedometer, like Speedtest. However, it is not clear who is performing this function, and you have no options to change. You just get fast and dirty ping (latency in milliseconds – time it takes packets to get to the server), load and upload results. </p><div><script async src=

Google's test is run by Measurement Lab (M-Lab), but the results are the usual download and upload speeds, with no need to capture or change settings.

Do you have a popular Internet Speed ​​Test tool that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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