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How to clear his wardrobe in one afternoon

The closets of my family are overflowing with clothes. My high school daughter still has third-class outfits. My husband has holey t-shirts that have not had daylight for years. When you're tired of your family's overcrowded closets or just stuffing one in your home, it's time to change.

Say goodbye to the torn ribbon T-shirt or the once-perfect jeans that are no longer acceptable today. However, the reward for decluttering is a cabinet full of items that you actually want to wear. And you do not have to dig through your closet every time you look for your favorite shirt. So we have cleaned up our act, and you can too.


The first step in cleaning your closet is to clean it completely. Remove everything and flop it on your bed or floor. You want to start fresh, like you've never had any clothes and the pile you made is your shopping area.


Hang up all your clothes.

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Grab some bags

Next, you'll need to take some garbage bags, a marker, and tape. Put a strip of tape on the first bag and write on it with the "garbage" marker. On the second bag put a strip of tape and label this bag "Charity".

Fight cupboard storage space with some simple rules

OK, now that you've done the preparation, it's time to become ruthless. You will make four piles: Keep, Repair, Trash and Charity. The garbage heap and the donation stack are the labeled bags. The storage and repair poles can be on top of your dresser, on a chair or anywhere apart from the other garments.

Start sorting by these rules:

  • If you have not worn it within a year, it's still in good shape, it goes into the charity bag.
  • If it has holes, worn rubbers or cracks that can not be repaired, throw it in the garbage bag.
  • If it needs a button or has a hole that can easily repair you or a tailor (and you swear to actually repair it), put the item in the repair pile.
  • If it's not your style, it's in the charity bag.
  • If it's fantastic, you love it and wear it, put it in the pile.
  • If it has stains, put it in the repair pile and try these tricks to remove stains .
  • If not fit, donate it.

These rules also apply to shoes. Have holes or extreme wear on the soles? You must go. Did not she wear in a year? Out for charity. Love her and wear her? They are guardians.

If your shoes are just a little dirty, you can easily clean them

. </p>
<h2>  Done </h2>
<p>  This journey is almost over. Now you just have to put everything from the supply in your closet. </p>
<p>  For the rest it is important that you get along with them immediately. Action will prevent these items from taking up space and possibly getting back into your closet. </p>
<p>  Place the garbage bag in your bin immediately. Bring the charity bag immediately to your local delivery point. No waiting! </p>
<p>  Finally, work on objects that need to be repaired or cleaned <span class= . If you do not have time, take it to the tailor or cleaners immediately after dropping the charity bag.

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