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How To Complete The Registration Of Foundables And Gain Treasures In Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

From the first moments of Harry Potter's uprising: Wizard's Unite to the hours of walking you must experience, one thing is clear: meeting Foundables and defeating their confoundables is an important plot of the AR game. As you receive rewards each time you fetch a Foundable, the real treasure is to fill in parts of the Register called Families. Note each return to a place called Registry. The registry is a collection of all foundables, items or people who disappeared during "The Calamity". As you return the missing persons to their rightful place, their stickers end up in one of many collections, the families, each waiting to be completed. But why make an effort? What do you have from it?

Well, if you're a completer, you still want to find all the stickers and fragments. Whenever you complete a registration page, the "frame" is updated, much like when accessing another layer. From here, the registration will be reset so you can find the stickers again. With seven registry families, each with their page diversity, there are many foundables to gather.

However, a 1

00% registration per se is not the main benefit here. Every time you find a Foundable, you increase the XP in the part of the registry to which it belongs. For example, saving Hagrid earns you experience points in the Care of Magical Creatures family. You will also receive Family XP when you complete a registration page. Do not tap too early on the completer's route. At a certain limit, you will receive a treasure chest. Treasure Chests contain unique items, such as scrolls and spellbooks, to enhance your lessons and broaden your skills. They can also contain rune stones that are required to enter chambers in wizard challenges. There may also be potions that can help you heal your stamina, increase your spells, or otherwise improve your abilities temporarily. And Dark Detectors, which can be used in Inns for otherwise hidden Foundables. That's not all.

For this reason, you want to go hunting for a hunt not only to complete families in the registry, but also to unlock treasures that give you a boost in Wizards Unite. We wish there were some great shortcuts or tricks to getting Family XP and Treasure Trunks as fast as possible, but the game is tough – if you want to capture all the goodies, you have to make an effort to collect foundables and complete the registration Pages.

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